Melbourne to Fraser Island Bus Tours

Melbourne to Fraser Island Bus Tours

World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, sits roughly halfway up Australia’s east coast in Queensland, giving it a maritime sub-tropical climate and pleasant temperatures all year round. It’s always a popular travel destination for all ages and rightly so. A bus tour to Fraser Island from Melbourne is worth a try to experience this exotic natural beauty. 

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Melbourne to Fraser Island Bus Tours Go Swimming

Lake McKenzie, high in a dune, attracts swimmers to its freshwaters and sandy shores. The Champagne Pools are a natural tide-dependent jacuzzi of waves crashing into rock pools. Visitors float down, or up, Eli Creek depending on conditions.


Between June and October, humpback whales pass along this part of the coast and it’s possible to spot them from Seventy-Five Mile Beach. Hervey Bay Marine Park lies to the West of Fraser Island, safe waters attract hundreds of humpback whales and their calves from August to the end of October. Whale watching tours are available.

4 Wheel Driving

Fraser Island is a Mecca for Australian 4-wheel drive enthusiasts. Seventy-Five Mile Beach is a gazetted highway and the natural spine of the island. If you’re bringing your own vehicle, make sure it’s up to the conditions and obtain your permit in advance. 4WD vehicles are also available for hire but are very aware of the tides.

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Fishing and Boating

Seventy-Five Mile Beach has some of the best beach fishing in the world. Great fishing conditions for beginners lie in the gutters along the beach. Freshwater fishing is prohibited on Fraser Island. Calm water behind Indian Head and at Waddy Point is ideal for launching boats.

Melbourne to Fraser Island Bus Tours visit Maheno Ship Wreck

A great spot for photography, The Maheno was built in 1904 and she held the blue ribbon in trans-Atlantic crossing before serving as a hospital ship during World War 1. Now she lies photogenically on the shore of Fraser Island.

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