Melbourne to Adelaide by Bus in October

Melbourne to Adelaide by Bus

Bellarine & Geelong

Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula are usually skipped as people head up the highway back to the city on their Adelaide to Melbourne road trip. Don’t do that and miss out on this chilled out region. Head to Point Lonsdale to walk its blissful beach and go rock pooling under the rickety pier.


Best Accommodation in Victoria

The seaside town of Torquay, known not only for its excellent surf, but also its big wave events and competitions. If you want to catch some waves while road tripping from Adelaide to Melbourne then spend time here. You can even head along the Surf Coast walk which will take you to some of the best spots in town.


This place has got pretty hip these days. Fancy burger joints, trendy bars and a struggle to find a parking space even on a not so sunny day. If you are feeling hungry, want a beach day with facilities or just want to check into an upmarket joint and bake in the sun (SPF40 on please, this sun is a killer) then Lorne is a popular place for that very reason.

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Accommodation

Honestly, the beach is nice and the vibes chilled but I don’t see why this place gets so much attention. On my last trip, I just drove through as you have so many more places you can stop and enjoy on the Adelaide to Melbourne route with far fewer people.

Great Otway NP

A fair chunk of the Adelaide to Melbourne route is along the coast, but surprisingly the GOR takes quite a dip inland. No complaints though because it is through the Great Otway National Park. The mountain ranges are home to some impressive waterfalls such as Triplet Falls, and the various boardwalks offer some impressive walks through the park. 

The 12 Apostles

The star of the Great Ocean road, I’d actually advise you to come ahead the night before for sunset and then again for sunrise. Seeing the different light break along these limestone stocks always provides a unique angle. Sunrise also seems less busy.

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier was one of my favourite stops in South Australia and also one of the weirdest. Compared to most places you’ll visit on the Adelaide to Melbourne route it’s quite a happening city with a lot of bars, restaurants and late night gambling opportunities. 

Beach port

The Beach port Conservation Park is another example of just how much protected nature and wildlife the extended Adelaide to Melbourne drive has. Turn off from the coast towards Lake George, and you’ll find yourself a walking path suitable for a stroll to break up the drive.

Coorong National Park

A must on your Adelaide to Melbourne road trip is the Coorong National Park which you are already in once at Lake Albert. Hire a Kayak early morning to take in the lagoons here with their peaceful and impressive wildlife.

Lake Albert / Meningie

The freshwater body of water that is Lake Albert attracts a lot of Pelicans which for me was the main draw. It’s always quite impressive because it’s not a calm lake at all thanks to the inflow of water from nearby Lake Alexandrina. If you are into birds and feeling like there is nothing around then here is your spot.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Once you’ve had your wildlife fix the road along the Fleurieu Peninsula is the first slice of coast you will get on this road trip. If you want to do some boozing, then turn off to the McLaren Wine Region although I kept my slice of vineyards for the Bellarine wineries at the end of the trip.

Cleland Wildlife Park

Before I first came to Australia I had it in my mind there would be Kangaroos and Koalas everywhere. After four days driving through the east coast and exploring all the best things to do in Queensland, 

Then, finally its Adelaide.

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