Nursing Jobs Available in Melbourne Victoria

Nursing Jobs Available in Melbourne Victoria

Find Nursing Jobs Available in Melbourne Victoria from Bower Healthcare

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Working Holiday Package

Are you a medical worker looking for Nursing jobs available in Melbourne along with an Australian adventure. With everything from accommodation, employment rights and advice to all Australian destinations, the concierge service Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Package is for you. Perfectly designed to help health workers get the most from their Australian adventure!

Earn Points for Work Shifts

At Bower Healthcare they understand how important it is that you make the most of the time with them. There is so much to see, do and discover on Australian soil, which is why they enrol all their applicants in their Work4Perks program. Work4Perks means that you’ll earn points on tours and accommodations around Australia for each worked shift! It’s a perfect way to help your adventure travel account!

Packages Based on your Budget

The price of the work holiday plan varies according to the particular package. Bower healthcare tailors packages based on your budget so that your first step is to talk to their team about your trip. It’s all about setting up jobs so you can develop new skills for your career below are some of the Nursing jobs available in Melbourne which are in demand!

Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses take care of patients in the safety of their own homes. Such patients are often in geriatric care or young people with developmental and mobility problems. This is the ideal position for someone looking to work outside the conventional hospital setting, but still enjoys working with patients. Home health care nurses will be in high demand in the near future. 

Nurse Practitioner

While some nurse practitioners operate under a physician’s guidance, independence is growing more and more, taking on many of a physician’s roles NPs will identify diseases prescribe drugs, and start treatment plans. If you’re searching for more independence and accountability without some of a physician’s educational requirements it might be the perfect fit to become an NP.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help disabled, ill, and injured people to perform everyday activities, such as getting dressed or getting around the kitchen. They work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and more. Most OTs have either a master’s or a doctorate in occupational therapy, as well as a state license.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides help people who are elderly, ill, or disabled perform everyday activities. They might also give clients medicine or check their vital signs. Most home health aide workers work in clients’ homes, and others work in retirement communities.

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