Live Entertainment Melbourne Pubs Victoria

Live Entertainment Melbourne Pubs Victoria

Best Live Entertainment Melbourne Pubs Victoria Today

PJ O’Brien’s Irish Pub Southbank Victoria

P.J.O’Brien’s is located in the core of Southgate, one of the longest standing live entertainment Melbourne pubs and a favourite destination for locals and tourists. Whether you’re after a quiet beer, a comfortable meal, newly shucked oysters after-work drinks or all of the above with live music every night.

Experiencing PJ O’Brien’s

There’s something about an old pub that triggers a new-fashioned wonder in our collective imagination. A feeling of being connected to a simpler time, when sweaty horses were roped out of the front and early homesteaders scraped the mud off their boots on the deck before enjoying a–probably room-temperature–beer.

Address: Southgate, G14 / 15 / 16/3 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9686 5011

Turf Bar Melbourne Victoria

Turf Bar is an elegant and one of the finest locations to watch live entertainment Melbourne pubs! Turf provides a lively and comfortable atmosphere, great menus for food and drinks, six plasma screens, three large screens, three private screening rooms, modern surround sound systems, and pool tables.

The feeling of Turf bar

It’s a happening night outdoors, but the sudden influx of a new crowd of customers has added warmth and new energy to the pub. The noise level increases, the laughter echoes around the hall, the barman casts a smile on our side, and the flame in the grate seems to glow a little brighter.

Address: 131 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9670 1271

The Exchange Hotel Melbourne Victoria

The Exchange is an award-winning pub providing comforts for bars, restaurants and function rooms in a comfortable and pleasant setting. Located on Bay Street in Port Melbourne.

Address: 39 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9810 0058

The Palace Hotel Melbourne Victoria

The Palace remains one of Melbourne’s crown pub’s brightest jewels. One could judge a pub on any scale, these guys top the list. From beer, sports, food, service, you’ve been covered by this unassuming little boozer.

Address: 505-507 City Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9682 3177

The Wolf and I Windsor

The Wolf & I Windsor provides a welcoming atmosphere for eating, relaxing, enjoying a snack, watching the foot and just retreating from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne for a while.

You can sit back, relax and appreciate the love of sport from Melbourne, never miss a minute of live practice while watching Melbourne society go by.

Address: 152 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9510 1819

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