Best Beach Hostels In Exmouth

Best Beach Hostels In Exmouth

Things to do in Exmouth, Book Here

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Although Exmouth is said to be a small resort town, it could otherwise be known as the gateway to the most incredible bucket list attractions. Here is your guide to the best beach hostels in Exmouth and all the mind blowing places that pull so many backpackers to this “small resort town”.

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Here Is Our Pick of Local Attractions With Your Best Beach Hostels

Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park

Resting on the west side of the North West Cape is the gigantic Cape Range National Park which covers over 50,000 hectares! The National park is a picture of geologic history, painted with rugged limestone ranges, jaw droppingly deep canyons and 50km of pristine, white, sandy beaches.

The Ningaloo Coast

The Ningaloo Reef is the greatest place to swim alongside the gentle and tranquil whale shark. The reef itself is an underwater super city, home to a staggering number of different marine life creatures.
Here you will see colours you never knew existed, marine life that make rainbows look boring and an unfathomable underwater ecosystem which is endlessly mesmerizing.

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Exmouth Town Beach


Looking out into a vast horizon on both blue sea’s and blue sky’s, Exmouth Town Beach is the perfect local spot to relax. When all the adventure has taken it out of you, this is your place to recharge the batteries whilst treating yourself to some sun.
As the beach is in the town, there is also plenty of opportunity to make a day of it and enjoy the local restaurants also.

Best Beach Hostels in Exmouth

Exmouth YHA
Ningaloo Lodge Exmouth
Blue Reef Backpackers

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