Broome To Kimberley Adventure Tours

Broome to Kimberley’s adventure tours

A Broome to Kimberley adventure tour is full of adrenaline pumping excitement. In addition to the conventional attractions along the way, there are several gems hidden in nooks and corners of your route to Kimberley. From the Broome to Kimberley route to Kimberley itself, there are several adventurous activities that you can indulge in.

Broome To Kimberley Adventure Tours – Things To Do 


The route from Broome to Kimberley is full of water bodies where swimming is both safe and absolutely enjoyable. Whether you are driving from Broome to Kimberley or going by coach, a dip in one or more pools of water is an absolute must. Even if you are not much of a swimmer you could always walk around the water holes and capture photographs of the immaculate scenery that these areas boast of.


Hiking is a must do from Broome to Kimberley. There are plenty of interesting hiking trails in this route and it is important to choose your trail according to the time you have in hand. Along your way you will encounter treasured flora and fauna which will bring out the nature enthusiast in you. Several hiking expeditions combine other adventurous activities like swimming for instance, so if you are interested you two can kill many birds with one stone. Hiking trails en route to Broome offers some spectacular scenery. If you are covering the dawn or dusk time slots prepare to be blown away by the beauty.  

Explore Kimberley

When exploring Kimberley there are several attractions one can enjoy. If you don’t have the time make sure you at least cover the most important ones. Firstly take a helicopter ride over the breathtaking gorge. This is the best way to take in all the beauty of Kimberley in a single adventure. Secondly don’t take that swim in the freshwater hole lightly because once you delve in, you will understand its unique nature. Finally, stay at a wilderness park and enjoy the company of the wild.


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