Day Trip to Northam visit the Avon River and the suspension bridge. Walk the national heritage trails.

Day Trip to Northam

The Avon River

A Day Trip to Northam is a walk into Westralian history. One of the town’s truly great attractions is the Avon River. The river is home to the unusual white swans. The Avon River in Northam is the only place in Australia where these large birds have found a natural breeding ground. At present, there are about 80 of these birds on the river.

Suspension Bridge

Another attraction on the Avon is the Suspension Bridge which crosses the river near the Fitzgerald Street Bridge. The locals proudly claim that their suspension bridge is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Australia.

Northam Heritage Trail

There is an excellent and very detailed Northam/Katrine Heritage Trail booklet which includes three trails:

  • 2 km town walk which includes the Post Office, Town Hall, Clearview House, St John’s Church, the Northam Club, and Shamrock Hotel;
  • 4 km town drive which includes the Flour Mill, West Northam Station Museum, St James Anglican Church, the Club Tavern, Byfield House and Mitchell House;
  • 16 km drive along the banks of the river to Katrine.

Mitchell House

Mitchell House, on the corner of Hawes and Duke streets, is another Italianate mansion. Built-in 1905 for Sir James Mitchell, who was the local member of Parliament from 1905 to 1933.

Morby Cottage

On Cemetery Road heading north out of town is Morby Cottage which was built out of mud brick and hessian sacking in 1836. It is the oldest building in the area. The cottage is currently run by the town council. It is open on Sundays from 10.30–4.00.

Buckland Homestead

Day Trip to Northam. Heading north on the Katrine and Irishtown Roads the traveler passes the huge Buckland homestead which was built in 1874 and is regarded by many as the most majestic home in the state. It certainly is a marvelous example of stately Victorian architecture. It now houses valuable collections of art and antiques.

Day Trip to Northam Events:

Wine & Cheese Night

  • Date: 8/02/2019 at 6:00:00 PM
  • Location: Northam Craft Store Fitzgerald st Northam

Northam Harness Racing

  • Dates: 09/02/2019, 16/02/2019, 2/03/2019 & 22/03/2019
  • Time: 6.15 pm
  • Location: Clarkest Northam

Northam Super Crit

  • Dates: 16/02/2019 at 3:00 PM
  • Location: Northam

Vintage Vehicle Swap Meet

  • Dates: 17/02/2019 at 7:00 AM
  • Location: Jubilee Oval, Peel Terrace, Northam

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