Things to do in Albany Book A Tour

Things to do in Albany Book A Tour
The city centre of Albany is located between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence, which look down into Princess Royal Harbour. Many beaches surround Albany, with Middleton Beach being the closest to the town centre. Other popular beaches include Frenchman Bay and Muttonbird Island. Albany is 418 km (260 mi) SSE of the state capital, Perth, to which it is linked by Albany Highway.

Things to Do in Albany Today

Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises
Amazing South Coast Pass
Albany Wildlife and Scenic Cruise
1.5 to 2 Hour Summit to Sea Adventure
Tastes of the Great Southern
2 Hour Summer Sea Safari (Nov – Apr) around King George Sound
Mt Barker Grape Escape
National Anzac Centre General Admission
1 Hour (approx) Albany Heritage Park Explorer Ride
Killer Whale Expedition
The Gap + Natural Wonders
Albany History + Highlights
Tasting the Amazing South Coast 3-day Short Break
3 Hour Winter Whale Safari (May – Oct)
Porongurup + Mt Barker 3-Day Short Break
4 Hour Custom Safari – Build your own tour
3 Hour Summer Sea Safari (Nov – Apr)
Historic Albany 3-day Short Break
Albany Street Art Walking Tour
Walpole – Art Trail Tour
Granite Skywalk Porongurups
Albany’s Whale Story
Kalgan – Southern Art & Craft Trail Tour
6 Hour Whale and Walk Safari
3 Hour Custom Safari – Build your own tour
2 Hour Custom Safari – Build your own tour


Book A Albany Tour Today and explore this magnificent part of WA.

Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises Book Here

Amazing South Coast Pass Book Here

Granite Skywalk Porongurups Book Here

1.5 to 2 Hour Summit to Sea Adventure Book Here

2 Hour Summer Sea Safari (Nov – Apr) around King George Sound Book Here

Albany Wildlife and Scenic Cruise Book Here

The Gap + Natural Wonders Book Here

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Albany Bayview YHAOld Gaol Museum Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve
Albany Wind FarmPerth To Broome Adventure ToursVisit The Vancouver Arts Center
Emu PointShort Break Park Information1840 Backpackers
HMAS Perth 2 DiveThe Best Beach Hostels In AlbanyThe Gap with a Natural Bridge and Blowholes


Perth to Albany Tour
Albany has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csb) with dry, warm summers, mild, wet winters, and pleasant springs and autumns. Summers have short spells of very hot weather, but cool ocean breeze brings relief, especially during evenings and nights. The city is situated on what is promoted as the “Rainbow Coast”, an appropriate title given the frequency of days with both sun and drizzle or showers. Albany has 44.8 clear days annually.

Albany County is full of exciting discoveries, with centuries-old history to unearth, picturesque waterways to explore, an emerging culinary scene to savour, and breathtaking views to discover. This guide can assist you whether you are looking to see Albany by land or river, plan a day trip, staycation, or visit Albany.

Perth to Albany Routes

There are two ways to get from Perth to Albany. The shorter, straight route along Albany Highway or more picturesque route through Margaret River or Pemberton. Which one you choose will be determined by the amount of time you have and whether or not you have already visited the South West region.

What to explore on a Perth to Albany tour?

Here are some places you can stop by on your drive from Perth to Albany:

● Williams Lion Park located on the Albany highway in the Shire of Williams. This park has many activities for adults and kids alike.
● Kojonup, a town that is blessed with some of the most beautiful sceneries in Western Australia. Enjoy some sightseeing and fun activities here.
● Kodja Place Museum where you can explore the region’s art, culture, heritage and history.
● Mount Barker which is a great place to take in the breathtaking views of the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges.

Once you reach Albany, here are some must-visit attractions:

● Visit the Old Gaol which was built for convicts in 1852. If you’re adventurous, be sure to take the night tour.
● Visit the Gap and Natural Bridge at the Torndirrup National Park.
● Go swimming or picnicking at Middleton Beach and Ellen Cove.
● Check out the Albany Wind Farm with its twelve wind turbines perched on some rugged coastline.

What to pack on a Perth to Albany tour?

Since Albany has many beaches and bays to explore, be sure to bring your bathers, loose clothing and a hat. Packing some snacks for the ride would be perfect too.

Things to Do in Albany If You’re 35-50

Albany is a port city in the southern region of the Western Australian state. Its located 418 Km south of Perth. As a much-visited tourist destination, it’s also a base from which you can explore the southwest of the state. Indeed Albany is alive with plenty of things to do for every age group. But if your 35-50, here are a few best things to do that’ll best match your fitness levels. 

The Gap and Natural Bridge 

The gap and the natural bridge have lookouts that offers outstanding views.  Especially views of the southern ocean and the coast from Bald Head to West Cape Howe. Now there is a new viewing platform at the Gap at 40 meters above the sea. So you can see the ocean crashing directly below your feet. This viewing platform is easily accessible with only a short walk from the car park. 

The National Anzac Centre

This is one of Australia’s most important cultural pilgrimages. Especially if you’re 35-50 having an interest in history this is an ideal hustle-free visit. Unlike other museums, this award-winning attraction uses interactive technology, traditional exhibition techniques, and historical artifacts. As such, you’re able to create a deep personal connection with history through this experience. 

Albany Heritage Park 

Albany Heritage Park is a 260-hectare parkland reserve in the heart of Albany. It’s the ultimate destination in Albany that offers a blend of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. But, what is best about this park is it has activities to suit all ages and fitness levels. So it doesn’t matter if you’re 35-50, or if you have a full or half-day. Just choose to do things that suits your energy. 

The Albany Farmer’s Market 

If you’re 35-50 getting into that healthy diet or enjoys fresh produce, this place will fascinate you. Opening from 8-12 am every Saturday this market offers fresh and high quality produce. In fact, even in mid-winter, you can see stalls that offer a great selection of winter produce. As their website says, this is a place where real farmers sell real fresh produce by themselves. 

Emu Point to Ellen Cove & Port Albany 

Unlike many other walking trails, this is a very versatile walking trail. It’s a grade 2 hike with gentle hills, relatively flat, and a well-formed path, which doesn’t need high fitness levels. Also, it’s an 8km (one-way) walk that takes only 2-3 hours one way. As such, if you’re 35-50 looking for a scenic walk that won’t drain your energy, this is the best one. 

Lake Seppings (Tjuirtgellong)

This is a tranquil walk through small groves of shady trees. Covering a 2.9km distance in less than one hour, this is only a grade 1 hike. Despite the short distance, there are several lookout spots here, including a bird hide. In fact, it’s believed that over 100 different species of birds visit this place. So this is a calm, short but an active hiking experience if your 35-50.

Tastes Of the Great Southern Day Tour 

This is a 6 hour and 30-minutes tour that celebrates food and wine. The tour allows you to indulge in the taste of, award-winning wines and an array of cheeses. Not only that, you can even buy these products that are all free from chemicals and preservatives. Your tour includes lunch and transportation from Albany, so this delicious tour is of course hustle free if you’re 35-50. 

Mt Baker Grape Escape Day Tour 

This is a 6-hour tour that lets you taste wines from the award-winning wineries of Mt Barker. You also get an authentic experience of wine growing in different soils and climates that supports the best Rieslings. Besides, this tour also offers a private guided winery tour at the Plantagenet wines. Requiring some fitness levels, this is certainly a calm yet delicious tour if you’re 35-50.

Things to do in Albany If You’re 18-35 

Albany is a port city in the Great Southern region in the Australian state of Western Australia. Its located approximately 418 Km southeast of Perth and takes a five-hour drive from Perth or six hours by bus. Albany is never short of adventurous, thrilling, and equally relaxing things to do. So if you’re 18-35 looking for things to do in Albany that suit your fitness levels, here is a list. 

Little Beach Two Peoples
The biggest attraction in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve is Little Beach, which is popular with tourists, and consistently appears in TripAdvisor’s top three attractions of the Albany area. Australia’s beach expert Brad Farmer named Little Beach as #12 on his 2018 list of Australia’s top 101 beaches.

Two Peoples Bay Along With a Heritage Trail 

This is one of the most stunning beaches around Albany. Giving plenty of time to explore and enjoy the cove here is a must. But it’s not just the bay, there is also a scenic 5km return heritage trail. The trail takes about 2-3 hours and is a grade 3 hike with plenty of stunning lookout spots. So, with the right fitness level, this experience is ideal for an active and adventurous day trip

Albany Wind Farm to Little Grove Walk 

Starting from the Albany wind farm this walk is 8.5 km one way and takes 2-3 hours. The walk follows the Albany boardwalk and ends on the corner of Bay View Drive and Frenchman Bay Road. Besides, this is a grade 3 hike and so calls for good fitness levels and some bushwalking experience. Moreover the gradient of the path is short steep hills with obstacles, so be cautious.

Bluff Knoll

Western Australia lacks mountain ranges and Bluff knoll fills this void with a 6.8 km return walk trail. The trail also features wildflowers unique to this region from late winter through summer. Averaging a 20% gradient, this is a grade 4 hike that needs high fitness levels and bushwalking experience. Moreover, the tracks are long, very steep, and rough and so is ideal if you’re 18-35. 

The Sandalwood Shop 

This is an award-winning tourist destination for those having an avid interest in natural beauty. The tour offers a hands-on experience filled with alluring aromas of sandalwood. You can also visit their world-class showroom featuring unique sandalwood beauty products for all your beauty needs. And finally, you can pamper your holiday spirit with a special 1-hour relaxation session. 

Gourmandise & Co

This is a coffee house, wood-fire bakery, European delicatessen, communal table, and store. The sensational fresh food, organic coffee blends along with its rustic decor makes this place a whole vibe. In fact, the store enjoys views across the waterfront and Princess Royal Harbor to Torndirrup. Although the place suits all age groups, it’s ideal to hang out with friends if you’re 18-35.

Wilson Brewing Company Tour 

If you’re 18-35, chasing for a crafty brew experience, head up to the Wilson brewing company. The company offers a 3-hour tour of the brewing facility which includes two main phases. Firstly you get to learn the “Grain to glass story” of the brewing facility. Secondly, you get to experience the “6 Wilson Brewing beer tasting paddle” that includes, 6 crafted and high-quality Wilson beers. 

Salmon Holes 

This is for those who love to fish salmons with a thrilling fishing experience. Unlike other beaches, at Salmon holes, you can experience beach or rock fishing. This spot fishes well for Australian salmons during their annual migration. Try to target the deep channel for a good catch. But, be cautious when fishing on the rocks as fishing folks have swept into the sea on many occasions. 

The Blowholes 

Firstly the walk down to the blowhole is pretty long but with coastal views and lots of wildflowers. So this visit is ideal for those with good fitness levels, especially if you’re 18-35. Secondly, it’s an experience of a natural sound that occurs when wave’s crash into rocks and the holes blow. It’s like the roar of the waves through the rocks. So the best experience here comes with rough waves.

Things to Do In Albany If You Are 18

Albany is a port city in the Great Southern region in the Australian state of Western Australia. It’s approximately a five-hour drive from Perth or six hours by bus. From world-class wine, food, fishing, surfing, hiking, and four-wheel-driving to camping and many more, Albany has many things to offer. But, if you’re 18 and looking for adventurous things to do in Albany, here is a list. 

Pongorup Range To the “Devil’s Slide”

The Pongorup range is 48 km’s from Albany and is the world’s oldest mountain range. There are four walking trails, all well marked from easy, moderate, and physically challenging. Among all, the devils slide at 670 meters high is the most challenging trail with a grade 4 hike. This trail takes a 2.5 km long walk from the car park. So if you’re 18 this could be on of the best hiking experience. 

Luke Pen Walk 

To start, this is one of WA’s top trails, which follows the east bank of the Kalgan River in Albany. The walk is 9.5 km, takes 3 hours, and is open for any level of bushwalking experience. This trail takes you through farmlands and vineyards with birdlife, tranquil waters, and historic sites. Also, the quality of the path is easy to follow. So if you’re 18 and new to hiking, this is a good start. 

South Coast Diving Supplies 

When diving at south coast diving supplies, you can expect to find a diverse range of sea life. This includes a large docile blue groper, the shy sea dragons, playful seals, colorful sponges, and temperate water marine life. Besides, their service teaches about the best dive spots for you to get the most adventurous diving experience. So this indeed is a fun thing to do in Albany if you’re 18.

Sand Patch Surf Spot 

You can see this spot from the Albany Windfarm walking path. With 300 steps down to the beach, this surf spot is difficult to access. Similarly, even surfing here is challenging, as it receives deep ocean swells onto the sandbank, making large surfs. In fact, this beach faces southwest and receives the full forces of the high southwest swell. So it’s recommended only for experienced 18+ surfers. 

Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises 

A four-hour sheltered water cruise with wildlife and history. The cruise takes you across Green Island, Oyster Bay, and up the Kalgan River where you can do wine tasting. At the river, the cruise stops and takes you on a motorized wagon. Here, you can get close to the kangaroos in the wild. So if you’re 18 and looking for a safe and fun cruise experience in Albany, this is ideal.

Bald Head Walk Trail 

The bald head trail climbs and descends along the narrow ridgeline of the Flinders Peninsula. Besides, this trail takes you through a combination of broad walks, packed limestone paths, and hard granite sections. With a 12.5 km return ending at the bald head, it takes 6-8 hours and is a grade 4 hike. So it’s a long and tiring trail, more suitable if you’re 18 with good fitness levels. 

Mt Clarence Heritage and Granite Trail

The trail is 3.2 km and takes 1-3 hours with places to stop during the ascent or descent. It’s a grade 2 hike and doesn’t need any experience. So if you’re 18 and new to hiking this is ideal. The trail walks you through breathtaking views of King George Sound, Princess Royal Harbour, and the Stirling Ranges. But, spring is the best season for this experience with spring wildflowers around.

Stony Hill and Peak Head Trail 

This is a 4.8 km out and back trail that takes approximately 2.5 hours return and is a grade 3 hike. The quality of the path is not the best and is not well marked near the end. Meaning you’ll have to explore around the trail to find your way back. Besides, the track has short steep hill sections with rough surfaces. So if you’re 18 and up for an adventurous hike in Albany, this can be one.

Why Albany WA is Perfect for a Holiday

Albany is situated in the Great Southern region and is one of the perfect holiday spots in Western Australia.  Being the oldest colonial settlement in Western Australia, the port city has a rich history connected to the ANZAC story.  Its clear waters are perfect for swimming, surfing, diving whale watching etc.  Enjoy nature and indulge in the vibrant food scene of Albany.

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Here are some suggestions for people of different age groups to make the best of their holiday in Albany;

The young singles will find their encounter with the killer whales most adventurous.  The old singles will surely be interested in the history, fresh air and the local wine.  Couples, young and old, will love the discovery tour and the historical tour.  The holiday parks will provide a memorable experience to the kids and families, whereas the seniors will love their comfy scenic tours.

Singles Young

Bremer Bay Canyon Killer Whale Expedition

Go on this most exciting and unforgettable oceanic expedition to encounter the amazing killer whales, the ‘Orcas’.  Journey into the sea from Bremer Bay to the “hot spot” where all the action begins!  Be rewarded of sights not just of Orcas but also pilot whales, sperm whales, a rare beaked whale or blue whale shark species and dolphins. Watch as they feed on enormous squids and krill! 

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Singles Old

Bremer Bay is known for its beautiful beaches; the main beach is only 10 minutes walk from town. A marina at Fishery Beach offers full boating facilities. The Bremer Marine Park lies offshore. Electricity is generated by a wind-diesel hybrid system.

Bremer Discovery Day Tour

Tour the craggy coastline that faces the expanse of the Southern Ocean to understand the life of pioneers.  Learn all about the soldier settlement, conditional purchase of land, the agricultural innovation and the days of the Noongar people.  Tour the Wellstead Heritage Museum.  Enjoy the fresh air, white sand and clear waters as well as locally produced wine and the tasting plate.

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Couples Young

Summit to Sea Adventure Segway Tour

Embark on a journey of discovery at the Albany Heritage Park on a Segway!  Explore the scenic wonders over the stretch from National Anzac Centre to the summits of Mt Clarence and Mt Adelaide.  Be awestruck at the stunning views over King George Sound and Middleton Bay.  The Avenue of Honour and the Padre White lookout are some features covered by this journey.

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Couples Old

Historical Tour

Go on the journey of a participant of war, beginning at the National ANZAC Centre.  Listen to the unspoken story of these war participants from the informative displays and the trees at the Avenue of Honour.  Highlights of this tour are as follows;

  • The National ANZAC Centre – Gather valuable historical information from the interactive displays at this venue.
  • Avenue of Honour – Observe the trees planted in remembrance of the fallen soldiers as you learn more about the war.
  • Memorial of the Desert Mounted Corps – Learn the historical facts about the Gallipoli campaign that required these soldiers to lay down their lives.  Learn about Padre White and the story about how this copy of the original memorial came to be built.
  • Views – Step into the shoes of those soldiers and see the view of their homeland, which many of them had for the last time.
  • Breaksea Island view – Learn about the construction of the lighthouse and its connection to the ANZAC narrative.  
  • The oldest farm in Western Australia – Learn all about how this farm, with its chequered history impacted the social life and wellbeing of the early community.
  • Patrick Taylor Cottage – Be intrigued by this venue that portrays a period in the past with a way of life very different from ours.   Learn about the treacherous voyage of The Brig Amity. 

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Children and family holidays

Albany Gardens Holiday Resort

This beautiful holiday park is located within walking distance of the city centre.  The relaxing accommodation of this family-friendly resort comprises of Family Cabins, Standard Cabins and Studio Cabins.  All the units are fully self-contained with kitchenettes, stovetops, microwave ovens TVs, reverse cycle air-conditioning, coffee makers, hairdryers and showers.

Additional facilities

An outdoor pool, children’s pool, an arcade/game room, laundry facilities as well as caravan and motorhome sites are added features.  A drive-thru sits amidst a spacious garden setting.


The venue is located 5 km away from Brig Amity Replica and Albany Visitor Centre.  The Middleton Beach and National Anzac Centre are situated within 10 km from the resort.

For more information, please visit;

BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park

Enjoy swimming, fishing etc. taking advantage of the 500 metres of pristine stretch of beach.   Spend a luxurious holiday in a cabin, chalet, villa or beach house with commanding views of the Middleton Beach.  All the units are equipped with TVs, DVD players, kitchens, refrigerators, stovetops, microwaves, coffee makers and hairdryers as well as free WiFi.

Additional facilities

Facilities of the holiday park include solar heated pool, hydro spa, theatre, rec room, family bathroom, camp kitchen, playground and WiFi.  Children’s activities will take place during school holidays.  The complimentary Children’s Club, children’s activities during school holidays and the playground will surely put a smile on the faces of your little ones.


The venue adjoins a golf course and is situated within 2 km of Lake Seppings and Middleton Beach.  Mount Clarence Parklands and Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum are situated within a radius of 2 km.

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Seniors (people on pension)Scenic Tours

Have the amazing experience of Albany and the surrounding region through scenic tours.  See the major sights and learn all about them.  Travel in a purpose-built 4-wheel drive bus that is meticulously maintained and clean, ensuring you a safe and comfortable journey.

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Things to Do in Albany Today

Albany is situated 4 ½ hour drive south of Perth.  The historic coastal town offers many attractions, historical sites, river cruises, and spectacular coastline to explore.

History of Albany

Things to do in Albany Book A Tour
Kinjarling was home to Menang Noongar indigenous tribes during the summer season. Early European explorers discovered evidence of fish traps located on Emu Point and on the French, now the Kalgan, River. Vancouver made attempts to find the inhabitants of the area but only found bark dwellings that were unoccupied. Later explorers made contact and were told to leave, but were accepted when they did not. Most of the exploration was made to survey the land and sea to assess the resources for further exploitation.

The City of Albany is situated in the Great Southern, a historically significant region of Western Australia.  The beautiful Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound surround the city.  The King George Sound was the site of Western Australia’s first European settlement.  The settlement began in 1826 and Albany grew into a thriving port during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Budget Accommodation in Albany

The Best Beach Hostels In Albany

Things to do in Albany

Here are some suggestions for you to engage in while you are at Albany;

HMAS Perth 2 Dive

HMAS Perth is an awe-inspiring ‘must dive’ during your visit to Albany.  The vessel lies 500 m southwest of Seal Island in King George Sound, with its mast protruding 4m above the surface.  Much of the ship’s equipment and machinery is still in place, adding to the divers’ interest.  The wreck has extensive coral and sponge growth and is rapidly maturing as an artificial reef.

For more information on this shipwreck, please visit;

Emu Point

Relax with a picnic and a swim in the shallow, clear waters of the Emu Point, located north-east of Albany city.  Admire the awesome views over King George Sound and Middleton Beach from the northern end.  Enjoy your coffee & snack or lunch, sunbathe on a grassed terrace or the white sandy beach.  Picnic tables, restaurant,s and plenty of parking make this beach most enjoyable.

For more information on this beach, please visit;

Albany Wind Farm

Standing high on the coast and generating around 75% of clean, green electricity for Albany are the 12 giant wind turbines.  At 100 meters high, these massive wind turbines make you feel like a dwarf standing next to them!  Awe at the sweeping views across Torbay to West Cape Howe National Park and the city of Albany to the east.

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Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

Soak in the unspoilt coastal scenery and the beautiful beach, perfect for swimming at the stunning Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.  Observe the noisy scrub birds believed to have become extinct until they were rediscovered at this location.  Stroll along the clean white sand of Little Beach to enjoy scenic views of rolling hills and granite outcrops.  Or simply follow a bushwalking trail.

For more information on this nature reserve, please visit; 

Torndirrup National Park

 Explore the rugged coastal beauty of the Torndirrup National Park, with caution!  The windswept coast, granite outcrops, sheer cliffs, blow-holes, walk-trails, steep sandy slopes and dunes will make you awe and wonder.  The stunning lookouts will transport you to another world of dramatic, rugged beauty.  Spot the whales from the cliffs, especially during winter.

For more information on this national park, please visit:

Riverboat Scenic Cruises

Take the path of the first settlers as they discovered the awesome natural beauty of the first settlement of Western Australia.  Cruise the sheltered waters of Oyster Harbour and the ancient Kalgan River.  Observe Pelicans, Sea Eagles and other wildlife close to the boat.  Admire the Giant Rays gliding in the water below through the glass bottom of the boat.

Old Gaol Museum 

Go on a fascinating journey back to the era of convicts in the mid-1800s.  Wander through the cell blocks, learning about the history and the difficulties of the early settlers.  Admire some of Australia’s oldest Aboriginal cell art exhibited on the timber-lined cells that housed the Aboriginal prisoners.  The gaol is now home to artefacts from the original settlers and Aboriginal people.

For more information on the old gaol and museum, please visit;

Things to Do in Albany not Seen Enough?

Here are some more suggestions for you to engage in while you are at Albany;

Visit Gull Rock NP Gull Rock is 26k East of Albany

Gull Rock Beach named of course because of the large number of Gulls found on the rock just offshore. One of whom Captain Kalgan thinks might have been Jonathan Livingstone.  Take the two peoples Bay road and turn right about 2k after the Kalgan Bridge. It’s a great bird watching area and can be good fishing.

Nanarup Beach western australia
The beach is white sand and has stairway access at the western end where Taylor Inlet discharges into the ocean. Toilets, a picnic area and a former caravan park are also situated near the western end of the beach. Four-wheel drive vehicles are permitted on the beach and can drive towards Two Peoples Bay.

Nanarup Beach

Nanarup Beach is 30k East of Albany, if you’re not in a 4WD stop in the car park beside the toilets and walk the last 250m to the Beach, which can be good Salmon fishing. For swimming turn right on the beach and walk 400m to the pool in the Rocks.

Nanarup Beach commences 100 m to the west and curves slightly west-southwest for 4.2 km to the usually closed mouth of Taylor Inlet. The first 1 km of the beach has scattered beach rock reef lying 50 to 100 m offshore, which combines with the high waves to produce a crenulate shoreline with three strong permanent rips.

For more information on this beach, please visit;

Visit the Vancouver Arts Center

COVID19 Phase 4 Restrictions apply

The Vancouver Arts Centre has re-opened according to WA Government guidelines and we are pleased to announce that all regular arts and craft group activities have re-commenced.

We are now open to group members, attendees of group events, and for occasional hire of our workshop rooms and galleries subject to maximum capacity numbers.

Our normal business hours are currently Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

For more information and to stay in the loop please call us on 6820 3740, email us at [email protected], or find us on our socal pages: Facebook: @CityofAlbanyArtsandCulture or Instagram: @vancouverarts.

For more information on the wind farm, please visit; 

Short Break Park Information

Our new short-break park passes will make planning your next holiday even easier.

Five-day and fourteen-day holiday passes ideal for road trips or for basing yourself at a regional center like Albany and making your park visits from there.

Scenic drives will take you to picturesque picnic areas, clifftop lookouts, pristine beaches, and walks ranging from short strolls to adventurous hikes to the highest peaks in the southwest.

Use your pass when you enter Porongurup, Stirling Range, Torndirrup and West Cape Howe national parks, and Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.

For more information on this nature reserve, please visit;

The Gap with a Natural Bridge and Blowholes, accessable from Frenchman Bay Road a perfect picnic spot

The area is composed of three major rock types, one of these being gneiss. The oldest of these was formed 1300-1600 million years ago. This rock type can be seen along the cliff walls of the Gap. The granites were formed later as the Australian Plate collided with the Antarctic Plate 1160 million years ago as molten rock rose to the surface. These granites are visible in the tors atop Stony Hill.

The park was gazetted in 1918, one of the first in Western Australia. It was later named in 1969 taking the name of the Indigenous Australian clan that lived in the area. The first ranger was appointed in 1973.[2] The park is the most often visited park in Western Australia,[3] with approximately 250,000 visitors per annum.[4]

A large bushfire burnt through 700 hectares (1,730 acres) of bushland in the area in 2010 and caused the closure of Frenchman Bay Road isolating tourists and residents of the area.[5] In 2015 another fire burnt out 616 hectares (1,522 acres) of bushland between Stony Hill and the Blowholes including destroying important populations of the critically endangered Banksia verticillata.[6] Reference From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Gap with a, Natural Bridge and Blowholes are granite formations in the Torndirrup National Park. Its about 20km from Albany city center. These blowholes have been shaped millions of years by the power of the Southern Ocean smashing against this rugged Australian coast line.

The Gap is a huge chasm there is a drop of 24m drop down to sea. This can be viewed from the safety of a man-made platform. When heavy sea swells approach The Gap, an immense water spray is forced over its edges so take a plastic cape.

The Natural Bridge is a huge granite arch and was known as ‘Devil’s Gate’ it’s located a few hundred meters from The Gap. The Blowholes, are a series of crevices in the granite which produce loud hissing noises and act like geysers when large waves force water through their holes.

A perfect spot to spend a day having a memorable picnic.


Perth to Albany tour 3 days, 2 nights :

  • T
  • The Busselton Jetty

Perth to Albany Tour Operator

West Coast Cruiser Tours – West Coast Cruiser  operate tours in Western Australia for small groups travelling from Perth to Broome  and South from Perth. Perfect tour operator for solo travellers, couples and people who want a Western Australia tour run by locals.

Tour Itinerary

Perth to Albany tour. On this tour you will get the opportunity to visit Albany, Denmark, Pemberton, Augusta, Margaret River and Busselton.

Day 1: Perth to Albany

Albany is s port city at the southern tip of Western Australia. The rugged coastline and diverse coastline of Albany makes a beautiful backdrop to this charming city.

Day one starts with Heading south through the Jarrah forest, an interim Australian bioregion located in Western Australia. And through sheep farming country, arrive in the stunning Stirling Ranges for lunch. Next to Castle Rock renowned tourist attraction for its flora and fauna in the Porongurups to climb Castle Rock and enjoy the breath-taking skywalk.

End the day with beautiful sunset at Mount Clarence.

Day 2: Albany to Augusta

Augusta is a town on the south-west coast of Western Australia. A perfect opportunity to explore the natural wonders of The Gap, Natural Bridge and Blowholes, and William Bay National Park, home to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks to take the must do treetop boardwalk through to the canopy of the Red Tingle Trees and head to Augusta for the overnight stay.

Day 3: Augusta to Perth

Situated at the most south-westerly point of Australia, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia, also the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. The tour also includes the visit to Cape Leeuwin caves, Margaret River’s winery, Prevelly Beach and Surfers Point and the final stop before arriving back in Perth, the Busselton Jetty.

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White sandy beach of Augusta Western Australia
Augusta is a town on the south-west coast of Western Australia, where the Blackwood River emerges into Flinders Bay. It is the nearest town to Cape Leeuwin, on the furthest southwest corner of the Australian continent. In the 2001 census it had a population of 1,091; by 2016 the population of the town was 1,109 (excluding East Augusta).