Discover Margaret River Western Australia

Discover Margaret River Western Australia
The sun sets behind the Margaret River horizon

Discover Margaret River Western Australia. Things to do in Margaret River.

Suggested Route – Perth to Margaret River

Distance – 270 km

Estimated Travel Time – 3 hours 7 minutes

Discover Margaret River Western Australia
google maps route to Margaret river

the suggested route to Margaret river from google maps

Looking to cool off during the hot summer months, Margaret River makes for the perfect getaway from Perth. Situated in WA’s South West Margaret River is a world renowned wine region, meaning you’ve come to the right place if you’re grape over grain! However, saying that, there’s also the chance to do a spot of beer tasting whilst here, so beer drinkers won’t be disappointed.

Situated 269 km south of Perth, the drive down to Margaret River needn’t be done all in one go. Meaning you can stop off in locations such as Busselton to take in the super long pier over a burger, or head to Georgraphe Bay and see if you can spot a dolphin or two.

Upon arriving in Margaret River you’ll be confronted by a lush abundance of woodland, shading you from the hot WA sun. With a couple of supermarkets on offer it’s quite easy to stock up on supplies if you’re thinking about camping near the beach at  a site such as Prevelley. The great thing about camping means you’ll be able to save a little money on accommodation, meaning you’ll have more for a wine tour. The campsites here are generally well equiped meaning you can BBQ and shower as well as use proper WC facilities, so you can leave any prissy panic back in Perth.

It’s not just wine that Margaret River is good for. You’ll also find some pretty epic waves crashing on the many beautiful beaches, so if you’re a keen surfer, don’t forget your board or make sure you find out where you can hire one before arriving.

In town you’ll also find a few boutique-style cafe’s meaning you can certainly get a decent meal if you don’t fancy BBQ-ing.  Just make sure you do stock up before arriving if you’re planning on visiting on a bank holiday as everything will be shut! And we mean everything!

With lots of activities on offer as well as stunning scenery you’ll easily be entertained in Margaret River for 3 – 7 days. Here’s a little more info on what you can enjoy whilst visiting this stunning region of Western Australia.

Margaret River Exposed

Bird watching in Margaret River

Learn more about the history of the Margaret River in this tour, from the local wildflowers and orchids to the birds and fauna, you will no doubt find a new appreciation of the area. This is a fantastic way of discovering the beautiful wildlife and enjoying an outdoor adventure experience.

Margaret River, Wa

Wardan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Discover the Aboriginal cultureThe Wardan Aboriginal Cultural Centre is great for all ages, and here you can learn more about the medicine plants and traditional structures. There are also plenty of workshops offered including Tool Making, Spear Throwing Society and Culture, and other engaging classes.

55 Injidup Spring Road, Yallingup

Exploring Caves Discover Margaret River Western Australia.

Discover Margaret River Western Australia.
Exploring the deep caves

You can explore three different caves through The Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association. All three, the Lake, Mammoth and Jewel are easily accessible and equally majestic. If you can, try and make it to all three.

Margaret River Gallery

Artistic interpretation of Margaret River

If you are an art enthusiast, Margaret River offers many local artisan galleries including the Margaret River Gallery. Here you will find art featured by a mix of established and emerging artists of Western Australia.

Shop 4, 1 Charles West Avenue, Margaret River

Historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Towering over the Margaret River coast
Towering over the Margaret River coast

Discover Margaret River Western Australia. An excellent location that will no doubt offer tourists a stunning panoramic view of the amazing landscape of Margaret River. The Historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is located right where the ocean meets the sky. It is a beautiful sight in any weather condition. For a small fee, you can choose to take a guided tour to learn more about the historical significance.

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