Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
Although most famed for its whale sharks which feed there during March to June, the reef is also rich in coral and other marine life. During the winter months, the reef is part of the migratory routes for dolphins, dugongs, manta rays and humpback whales.

Exmouth Tours

Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim on a Sailing Catamaran
Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales Eco Tours
GAMEX Annual Fishing Competition
Sunset Cruise Tour
Sunset Sail
Exclusive day fishing Charter
Whale Shark Snorkelling Adventure Tour (APR-JUL)
Private Luxury Tour, Exploring the Reef at Your Own Pace
Island Adventures (6 Days)
Outer Reef or Muiron Island Dive and Snorkel Tour
Swimming with Whale Sharks – March to August
Day Trip Fishing
Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim on a Powerboat
90 min NorCape Explorer
Whaleshark Swim + Free SCUBA Dive
60 min Birds Eye View Ningaloo
30 min Gulf Classic
PADI Dive Courses
Full Day Outer Reef/Islands Snorkel Tour
Sunset Whale Sail
Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim & Eco Tour on a Sailing Catamaran (Shoulder Season)
Ningaloo Reef Double Dive Tour
Your Boat for a Day
Ningaloo Humpback Whale Swim on a Sailing Catamaran
Kitesurfing Safari
Skippered Bare Boat Hire
Humpback Whale Watching Cruise (Day Trip)
Humpback Whales Interaction
Overnight Island Fishing Fishing Adventure (3-6days)
Sunset Humpback Whale Watching Cruise Gift Card

Coral Bay Tours

2 Hr Coral Viewing and Snorkeling
3 Hr Turtle Ecotour
1 Hr Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Ningaloo Adventure and Manta Ray Tour-Full Day
1 hour Coral Viewing Cruise
Marine Eco Safari
Scenic Flight – 40 Minutes
Scenic Flight – 25 Minutes
2 hour Coral Viewing & Snorkel Cruise
Whale Watching Tour
Ningaloo Nature tour – HALF DAY
Ningaloo Nature Tour – FULL DAY
Outer Reef Double Dive
Humpback Whale Adventure Tour
Scenic Flight – 60 Minutes
Scenic Flight – 15 Minutes
Two Dives or Snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef
Whale Shark Adventure Tour
Ningaloo Adventure and Manta Ray Tour- Half Day
Half Day – Bottom Fishing Only (St)
Full Day – Light Game and Bottom Fishing (SoCo)
Coral Bay: Coral Viewing & Snorkeling Tour
Coral Bay: Coral Viewing & Fish Feeding Tour
Whale Shark Safari
Humpback Whale Safari
3 Hr Whale Watching Tour

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
The reef is less than 0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi) offshore in some areas, such as Coral Bay. In 2006, researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science discovered gardens of sponges in the marine park’s deeper waters that are thought to be species completely new to science.

Enjoy the pristine seas of Ningaloo Marine Park by stepping off one of the many white sandy beaches. Ningaloo Reef, which stretches more than 300 kilometers from the North West Cape to Red Bluff, is Australia’s largest and most accessible fringing coral reef.

The shallow lagoon, fringing reef, and deeper offshore waters provide a diverse range of habitats for a diverse array of colorful corals, over 500 species of fish, and globally important and threatened mega marine fauna such as whale sharks, turtles, dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales, and orcas.

Whale sharks congregate in the marine park every year from March to early August. Tours that allow tourists to snorkel with these gentle giants depart from Tantabiddi and Coral Bay. For further information, go to the Ningaloo Visitor Centre.

Humpback Whales

Between June and October/November, enormous humpback whales make their annual migration back to Antarctica via the coasts of Australia. You may be able to spot them from the shores of Exmouth, but for a closer encounter, there are whale watching tours available from Coral Bay and Exmouth.

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
Mantas are popular because of their enormous size and because they are easily habituated to humans. Scuba divers may get a chance to watch mantas visiting cleaning stations and night dives enable viewers to see mantas feeding on plankton attracted by the lights.

Manta Rays

One of the main natural attractions of this area are the graceful manta rays, which can be found in the waters surrounding the Ningaloo Reef all year round. However, they are more concentrated in numbers, and more willing to engage with snorkelers and divers from mid-May to mid-September. It’s possible to book tours specifically designed to swim or dive with the manta rays, so don’t miss out on meeting these graceful and otherworldly giants of the deep during your visit to the Ningaloo Reef.

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 18.8 m (61.7 ft).

Whale Sharks

The whale shark is the world’s largest fish, and Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places in the world where they can be observed in coastal waters. They feed in this area from March to August/September and it’s an unbelievable experience to come face-to-face with these incredibly huge creatures. Think we’re exaggerating? Whale Sharks on average measure at around 32 feet, however the largest ever recorded was 40 feet long!


Ningaloo has a healthy population of dugongs, which can be found at any time of year. This strange-looking creature is an herbivore and closely related to the manatee. They are classified as having an extremely vulnerable extinction risk and the Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places in the world to see them. Encountering a dugong is quite special, as they are extremely shy and elusive creatures.

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
Loggerhead sea turtles spend most of their lives in the open ocean and in shallow coastal waters. They rarely come ashore besides the females’ brief visits to construct nests and deposit eggs.

Loggerhead Turtles

This gorgeous and vulnerable turtle is an endangered species which is currently protected by the Wildlife Conservation Act. They can be found nesting in the Muiron Islands, near the Ningaloo Marine Park, from October to early March. Hatchlings appear from December to April. It’s best to contact the Ningaloo Turtle Program to ensure viewing them responsibly.

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Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours

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Swimming with Whale Sharks is an experience of a lifetime. Exmouth and the surrounding Ningaloo Reef is the only place in Australia you can swim with whale sharks. This article will provide you with 10 options of Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours to make your life easier.

Ningaloo Whale Sharks

Ningaloo Whale Sharks Facebook 
Telephone: 1800 994 210
From overseas:  +61 8 9949 4777
Address: 31 Maidstone Cres, Exmouth Western Australia

Ningaloo Whale Sharks are the first whale shark operators to win the Advanced Ecotourism certification from Ecotourism Australia. With this company you can enjoy Ningaloo reef in Western Australia on their 17 meter Westcoaster cruise ship or get on their spotter plain to find out your own whale shark to snorkel with.

Experience Oz + Nz

Experience Oz+Nz Facebook
Address: 46 Cavill Ave, 4217 Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Phone: 8 1300 935 532
International: +61 7 55922233

With Experience Oz+Nz you can explore the Ningaloo Reef and enjoy Whale shark swim on comfortable and luxuries catamaran. All cruisers include morning tea and professional photographers. Also stand up paddle board and kayak experience available to make the Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours more enjoyable.

Best Places To Dive With The Whale Sharks (Exmouth & Coral Coast)
At the southern gateway to the Ningaloo Marine Park and only a 90 minute drive from Learmonth Airport, Coral Bay is a perfect destination for families seeking reef and relaxation with a splash of adventure.

Visit Ningaloo

Visit Ningaloo Facebook
Address: Murat Rd, Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 8 9949 1176

Visit Ningaloo offers full day Whale shark snorkel tours beginning with snorkel on the coral gardens, snorkel with sharks and on the journey back you will get an opportunity to spot some of the Ningaloo’s other mega fauna, including humpback whales, manta rays, dugongs, spinner dolphins and more.

Ningaloo Blue Dive

Ningaloo Blue Dive Facebook
Address: Unit 2, 389 Cnr Thew and Kennedy st Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 8 9949 1119

Ningaloo Blue is the longest established operators located in Kennedy St. Exmouth, Western Australia, specialist in Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours. The package provides courtesy bus pick up and drop off from your accommodation, full day boat trips, two snorkels, spotter planes, buffet lunch and morning tea.

Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours

Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours Facebook
Address: 856, Exmouth Western Australia
Phone: T: +61 8 9949 1764     M: +61 4 57 932 217

Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours offers lifetime experience of swim with whale sharks in Exmouth during April to August and various other tours all year around including snorkel with majestic manta rays. Get aboard on Magellan one of the biggest best charter boats operating on the Ningaloo Reef via Exmouth, comfortable with spacious deck , low marlin board with stairs for entering and exiting the water, and environmentally friendly facilities.

3 Island Whale Shark Dive – Ningaloo

3 Island Whale Shark Dive – Ningaloo Facebook
Address: 1 Kennedy Street, Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 1800 138 501

Join the award winning team at Three Islands Whale Shark Dive as we take you on a snorkelling experience like no other. Starting approximately at 7.15am air conditioned courtesy bus picks you up from your Exmouth to the Tantabiddi Boat Ramp departure point. Following the morning snorkel, a whale shark interaction briefing is given over morning tea. And it’s only a wait for the spotter plane to notify whale shark been found to experience the Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours.

Hop on Hop off Exmouth – Swim with whale sharks
The whale shark is found in open waters of the tropical oceans and is rarely found in water below 21 °C (70 °F). Studies looking at vertebral growth bands and the growth rates of free-swimming sharks have estimated whale shark lifespans at 80–130 years.

Ningaloo Discovery

Ningaloo Discovery Facebook
Address: 1112 Murat Road, Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 428 604 794

During the Ningaloo Discovery tour guests can also interact with manta rays, encounter dugongs, turtles, humpback whales, dolphins, amazing colourful tropical fish and coral in the Ningaloo Reef just off Exmouth Western Australia. Ningaloo Discovery tours provide snorkelling equipment, wetsuits, food and drinks, tour guides and professional photography package of the day, on board 2 magnificent vessels, Luxury sailing catamaran Windcheetah, and 55ft luxury powerboat Australia Blue.

Ningaloo Whale Shark N Dive

Ningaloo Whale Shark N Dive Facebook
Address: 388 Maidstone Cres Shop C, Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 1800 224 060

The 20 meter ‘ALIIKAI’ the largest purpose-built dive vessel on the reef and has been recently refitted to offer the very best in safety, equipment and luxury in this life changing, exciting experience swimming among the Ningaloo whale sharks.
Included features in their tours are:

  • A marine biologist on board
  • Underwater scooters
  • Stand up paddle boats
  • Morning and afternoon snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef
  • Complementary bus transfer
  • Free Photography

Exmouth Diving Centre

Exmouth Diving Centre Facebook
Address: Payne Street, Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: +61 8 9949 1201

Specialise in all Eco Tours – Exmouth Diving Centre offers Scuba & Snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef with Whalesharks, Humpback Whales and Manta Rays. The Crew on All Whaleshark, Scuba & Snorkelling Tours, carry out Citizen Science. An act of volunteering to help the Environment, by taking a simple photograph or picking up a small piece of rubbish. Something you too can get involved in to help collect important information that is used to protect and better understand the Whalesharks, Manta Rays and Humpback Whales of Ningaloo.

Best Of The Kimberley

Best Of The Kimberley Facebook
Address: 314 Embling Road, Glenrowan West Victoria (Formerly of Broome, Western Australia)
Phone: 1800 450 850
Phone: +61 3 5766 4301

The 18 metre vessel, Venture IV is specially designed and set up for whale sharking it has a large under cover lover deck, with easy access to the water and huge upper deck for observation and sun bathing. The tours include:

  • Courtesy bus pick up and drop off from your accommodation
  • Full day boat trip
  • Morning tea & Lunch
  • 2 x snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef
  • Videographer on board daily to film your adventure (additional cost)
  • A 4.5 metre Safety Zodiac in the water at all times
  • Snorkelling gear provided or BYO
  • Wetsuits
  • Spotter planes to assist with sightings
  • No show policy, if you don’t see a Whale Shark go again for FREE!

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