Perth to Broome Tours – Where to Stop?

Perth to Broome tours where to stop?

Hop-On And Hop-Off Passes Western Australia

Perth To Broome Tours Where To Stop Across Western Australia?

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles desert is mesmerising in terms of scenery. Known for its fascinating golden limestone structures, this is an excellent spot to capture those artsy photographs.


The Geraldton foreshore is known for its beautiful beach. There is also a museum here where you can learn about the regions unique landscape and the Yamaji history and culture.

Pink Lake

This Lake is literally pink in colour making it an absolutely enchanting spot to capture some mind-blowing photographs.

Kalbarri National Park

Carpeted with wild flowers, river gorges and sea cliffs the Kalbarri National Park depicts the best of beautiful scenery. Other interesting activities you could do here includes gorge hiking, canoeing and bush walking

Shark Bay

Considered a World Heritage Site, Shark Bay is home to the stunning Shell Beach, which is known above all for its crystal clear waters.

Monkey Mia

Dolphins are the highlight of Monkey Mia but in addition to these friendly creatures, you also get sharks, dugongs, turtles and rays.

Coral Bay

The beach here is picturesque and snorkelling is very popular thanks to its abundant collection of marine life. If you are lucky you may even get a chance to swim alongside friendly reef shark or the famous Australian turtle.

Ningaloo Reef

Well known for having the 260km long coral reef which happens to be the world’s largest fringing reef, this park has been listed as a World Heritage site.

Perth to Broome tours where to stop?


Pilbara is known for its characteristic red earth. The region was once home to the aboriginal people and a lot can be learnt about them here.

Karijini National Park

A trip from Perth to Broome is not complete without visiting the Karijini National Park. There are several attractions to explore here including the Hancock Gorge, the Kermist Pool and the Fortesque falls. If time permits do the hike through Dales Gorge. There is a lot of information you can get here about the aboriginal culture and their way of life.

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