Things to do in Exmouth Western Australia

Things to do in Exmouth Western Australia

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Things to do in Exmouth Western Australia: We love to share that Exmouth has been crowned Western Australia’s Top Small Tourism Town of the Year 2024. This place is a dream come true for all the wanderlusters out there. From stunning beaches to breathtaking landscapes, Exmouth has it all! So grab your sunglasses and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in this incredible destination.

With a World Heritage area off its shores in the form of the Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth is a haven for nature lovers. Time your visit right and you’ll encounter the whale sharks on their migration passed Western Australia’s coastline (from March until August). Other creatures to look out for on your snorkelling or diving adventures include manta rays (from May to November), humpback whales ( from June to November).

On the shores you can even catch the incredible site of the turtle nesting season from November to March. Things to do in Exmouth WA.

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Hop on Hop off Exmouth – Swim with whale sharks
Whale sharks have very large mouths and are filter feeders, which is a feeding mode that occurs in only two other sharks, the megamouth shark, and the basking shark. They feed almost exclusively on plankton and small fishes and pose no threat to humans.
Exmouth is a small resort town on Western Australia’s North West Cape. It’s a gateway to nearby Ningaloo Marine Park with its coral reefs, colorful fish and migratory whale sharks. Nearly surrounding Exmouth, Cape Range National Park has kangaroos, sheer cliffs and red, rocky gorges. On the Cape’s northwest coast, Jurabi Coastal Reserve’s tidal rock pools, beaches and seasonal nesting grounds for marine turtles.

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Things to do in Exmouth, Western Australia

When it comes to things to do in Exmouth, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. From July to October surfing at the aptly named ‘Surfers Beach’ is a great way to while away a morning or afternoon. For those who want to learn a little more about turtles and their fragile ecosystems you can drop by the Jurabi Turtle Centre and find out more about the conservation efforts to save this species.

Turquoise Bay is where you’ll want to don your snorkeling mask and flippers and take in the brilliant underwater show of WA’s marine life. For those who enjoy more land-based activities a walk through the Mandu Mandu Gorge is a must as you take in the sheer walls of the ancient gorge – formed over millions of years.

<figcaption class=In Trip Advisor’s 2021 Travellers’ Choice Awards, Turquoise Bay was named the second finest beach in the South Pacific and the sixth-best beach in the world. Turquoise Bay, regarded as one of Australia’s best beaches, is the ideal place to spend an afternoon resting, swimming, and snorkeling.

How to get to Exmouth WA

Exmouth is rather isolated, with the most common mode of transportation being an automobile. You’ll want to take Minilya-Exmouth Road all the way to the end of the peninsula from State Highway 1. This road becomes Murat Road when you enter Exmouth, and it is the primary thoroughfare through the town.

The travel north from Perth will take you around two days. This drive will take you one full day if you’re driving south from Broome. Exmouth flights are also available from Perth. This flight will take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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The beautiful coral coast.

When to visit Exmouth WA

Exmouth has a wide range of year-round activities. So, there are few constraints on when to come. In terms of the weather, keep in mind that the summer months will be quite hot and dry, necessitating the use of sunscreen.

The best months to visit Exmouth are November to March if you want to take advantage of the wonderful marine park and explore some of the most vivid waterways. The water life is at its most active during this time of year, with humpback whales and turtles frequenting the area.

Windsurfers in Exmouth
Wind surfing at Exmouth Australia.

Where to Stay in Exmouth WA

Wondering where to stay during your time in Exmouth? The Ningaloo Lodge ( or the Potshot Hotel Resort ( For those who want a little more adventure there are also camping ground around Exmouth.

Ningaloo Marine Park Whale Shark Experience

Exmouth Whale Shark Tour
The gentle giants under sea. The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 18.8 m (61.7 ft).

One of Australia’s largest and most accessible fringing reefs is Ningaloo Marine Park. It’s also one of the world’s largest reefs. With over 600,000 hectares and over 300 varieties of coral and 500 species of fish, Ningaloo Marine Park is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

The whale shark, an extraordinary sea behemoth, is one of many remarkable creatures that give Ningaloo Marine Park home. Manta rays, turtles, fish, and humpback whales are just a few of the amazing wildlife that attract visitors to Ningaloo Marine Park.

It is here in Ningaloo that you may take a tour to swim with the magnificent whale sharks. You’ll take a full-day Catamaran cruise, go diving/snorkeling in numerous spots, and learn about the fascinating aquatic life below.

Diver with coral on Ningaloo Reef
The shallow lagoon, fringing reef, and deeper offshore waters provide a diverse range of habitats for a diverse array of colorful corals. Over 500 species of fish, and globally important and threatened mega marine fauna such as whale sharks, turtles, dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales, and orcas, among others.

Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay receives its name from the beautiful turquoise waters that surround it. This has earned its place on the list of things to do in Exmouth thanks to its gorgeous blue waters and powdery white sands. It would be a crime to miss out on this lovely site in Exmouth, Western Australia, which is rated the second-best beach in the South Pacific and number six in the world.

Turquoise Bay, which is open all year, is a popular snorkeling spot and a favorite among divers. It’ll take around a 60-kilometer trip from Exmouth to get here through the Cape Range National Park.

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
Just a few steps from the Ningaloo Reef. dive, snorkel or fish in clear turquoise waters and immerse yourself in marine life encounters.

Cape Range National Park

This National Park, located west of Exmouth, contains more than 50, 000 hectares of rocky mountain ranges, scenic beaches, and breathtaking canyons. Cape Range National Park is not to be missed, whether you’re seeking for a single site inside the National Park or a whole day to see it all.

Hikes, wildflower walks, beach lounging, and ocean diving are just a few of the activities available in Cape Range National Park. It has it everything, and it’s also a haven for outdoor adventurers! If you plan on visiting, please be aware of the wildlife. This is the home and habitat of so much wildlife, with 600 varieties of flowers and over 100 species of birds.

Yardie Creek river in Cape Range National Park, Exmouth
For the best beach weather, visit Exmouth in the months of February, March, November, and December. Exmouth Bus Charters offers a shuttle service to and from Exmouth. Coral Bay Airport Transfers can arrange transfers for you if you’re traveling to Coral Bay. To explore the region and the reef, you’ll need to rent a car or sign up for one of the many tours offered.

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Jurabi Turtle Centre

No, you can witness this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself at Jurabi Turtle Centre. You’ll be able to marvel at nature forming right in front of your eyes during hatching season, which runs from November to March each year. Jurabi Turtle Centre Exmouth has spent years guaranteeing the turtles’ safe hatching and allowing visitors to witness it for themselves.

The daytime tour at JTC is free, however the midnight trip costs roughly $25. Costs vary depending on the time of year and availability, so it’s best to look up this information online. A 3- to 4-hour tour will be offered, which will include the opportunity to see turtles hatch and an educational presentation on the center’s history. Three of the world’s seven marine turtles lay their eggs on these beaches each year, so you’re in for a treat.

You can join a dedicated nightly Turtle Eco-Education Tour to search for nesting and hatching turtles from December to March. Depending on turtle nesting activity, tours last 3 to 4 hours and include an educational lecture by experienced staff on sea turtle biology, ecology, risks, and conservation measures, as well as a guided interaction experience at a prominent turtle rookery.

Town Beach

With Exmouth’s coastline boasting a diverse range of beaches, Town Beach has to be the most accessible and nearest to town… hence the name. Park in town or even drive down onto the sand in your 4×4. Even at high tide, Town Beach is a completely safe area to swim with the kids. Spend an afternoon taking in the sights and sounds of Town Beach while soaking up the sun and splashing in the sea.

Then, after a day in the sun, go into town to freshen up, have a bite to eat, and recover. Windsurfers, jet skiers, and boaters use Town Beach, which has a Yacht Club right on the beach. Is it done in the water? At low tide, take a stroll around the beach and search for all of the beach’s hidden gems.

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Town Beach Exmouth
The Town Beach is the most accessible and nearest to the town core of the Exmouth coastline’s several gorgeous sandy beaches.

Things to do in Exmouth WA. Exmouth Tours & Excursions

There are a number of tour companies  when you reach Exmouth – each offering a variety of marine adventures. Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours is a great bucket list tour that will take you to meet the enormous whale sharks – an absolute must do whilst in Exmouth.

Things to do in Exmouth WA. Ningaloo Ecology Cruises are a great way to see the local marine life including fish, turtles, stingrays and coral all whilst keeping dry in a glass bottom boat. Ocean Eco Adventures are a great company to go on a sunset whale watching tour with.

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Exmouth Town Welcome Sign
Exmouth Town Welcome Sign.


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