What’s On In Fremantle In May

What’s on in Fremantle in May

What’s On In Fremantle In May. Couple of interesting activities lined up for May in Fremantle so if you are in town at this time be sure to check them out.

Ivy’s Oddities

Originating from Ivy’s Cabaret, this is one show that is both divine and delicious showcasing some of the best talent in the Perth Show Biz. From the performance to the storyline every scene will have you hooked. Early Bird tickets are already available and the show is scheduled for the 3rd of May in the SONAR Room between 7.30pm and 10 pm.

Fremantle Dragon Boat Festival

There is an exciting Fremantle Dragon Boat Festival that is scheduled for the 5th of May at the Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour. This colourful event celebrates world-class dragon boat athletes in a nail-biting race. The festival is a mosaic of all things Chinese. You get here acrobatic dragons, Lion Dancers and a heap of other performances that showcase the best of Chinese culture. Like any typical Dragon Boat Festival, this event is loud and the ambiance is lively from start to the end.

A Taste of Ireland

Ireland is depicted through world-class dance in an exquisite live performance that brings to you the best of Irish culture through a series of stories. While enjoying the show, you will be transported to an era where tradition, tunes and taps were the essence of expressing the Irish spirit. If you are interested to taste some Ireland in Fremantle, save the date on the 16th of May and get your hands on the tickets early.

What’s on in Fremantle in May

The Australian Heritage Festival

This festival spans from April right up to May and showcases the best of Australian history. It is a good opportunity to immerse yourself into some first Australian culture and learn a little about their traditions and way of life. The art, song, dance, stories are all fascinating to say the least. What’s On In Fremantle In May.

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