What’s on in Perth Theatres

What’s on in Perth Theatres

This holiday season the theatres of Perth are echoing the sound of joy for there is a host of interesting performances lined up for you. Here are What’s on in Perth Theatres.

What’s on in Perth theatres Murder Mystery Dinner

This name rightfully so draws the attention of all those who love a dose of thrill for this is a depiction of Agatha Christies Murder Mystery. Hosted at Rigbys Bar and Bistro, this performance is scheduled for Friday the 14th of December between 7 and 10 pm. Sure to leave your hair standing on end, the performance is expected to be a thrilling one where audiences can enjoy everything from mystery to mayhem to even laughter. Couple this with a 3 course set menu dinner and you have got the perfect evening before you.

What’s on in Perth theatres Moominpappa at Sea

Now this is a puppet show perfect for those who like to travel back time and relive their fond childhood memories of watching the most beloved Moomin cartoons. As the name has it the show is all about the adventures encountered by Moominpappa as he embarks on a brand new journey on a rocky island at sea. Performed by the very talented Michael Barlow this is a 50 minute show that is scheduled for the 14th, 15th and 16th of January at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

What’s on in Perth theatres Faulty Towers; the Original Dining Experience

The Rigby’s Bar and Bistro has many more interesting performances lined up for January 2019. With a 3 course meal and 5 star action, prepare to have an outrageously funny immersive experience with this renowned comedy that has caught the attention of both the local as well as the international audience.

What’s on in Perth theatres Our Town

This performance opens on the 8th of February at State Theatre Centre of Western Australia at 8pm. This prize-winning drama is the work of the renowned Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer and depicts everyone and everything that happens in the fictional town of Grover’s Corner.

The spectacular performances that are waiting for you in these venues are sure to blow your mind. Read our blogs to keep yourself informed and current. In addition, we strongly suggest that you spare some time to read the other blogs that we have published, including this one, for more information: bbmlive.com/wa/what-on-in-perth-theatres