Perth Escape Rooms! Fun Things To Do With Friends

Perth Escape Rooms! Fun Things To Do With Friends

In Perth you are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun and games with your friends. There are so many great activities that you can find in Perth, it can be hard to find the amazing ones instead of the pretty boring ones. 

So, if you are stuck for something fun and thrilling to do with your friends, then try out Perth escape rooms! The best escape rooms in Western Australia! So, get together your creative, imaginative team and see if you can escape before it is too late. 

Do you have a friend that has always wanted to investigate a murder in space? Or escape a fantastical dungeon? Or maybe you just want to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve some clues, if you want to escape from your boring everyday life, then this is the activity for you!

You can never go wrong with these  Cannington escape rooms! The rooms are fun and enjoyable for all ages so you and your friends will have the best time! 

Perth escape rooms are a great way to get lost in reality and is perfect to get together with your friends and make your bonds even stronger! If you are looking for something super exciting and mysterious then look no further! Become the next Sherlock Holmes and book an escape room to have the best time with your friends! 

Don’t think for a second that this is going to be an easy and relaxing experience, because all players will have to work together to overcome physical and mental problems to make progress through the scenarios. Can you escape and win the game? 

Each room is unique and exciting, but it is not for those who are wanting to chill out! You will need to use your mind and your body to overcome the challenges and figure out the clues before your time is up! 

Step out of your comfort zones, you need a place where you and your friends can take a weight off their shoulders. Use this as an excuse to escape the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life and step into a new world, full of amazing characters where you can forget everything else and submerge yourself into the story. 

It can actually be really therapeutic being in an escape room, everything else going on in your life seems to disappear as you try to tackle all of the clues and mysteries in your chosen room. Stressing out about school, or home life? Then take a break and step into someone else’s life and embrace the characters around you. You and your friends are going to have such a fun time!

In order to beat the escape room, you need to have teamwork and speed with your friends, it is so much fun that you will be talking it about it for ages after! Do you accept the challenge? 

This is the ultimate puzzle, testing all of your skills to see if you can solve the clues. Get together a team of 2-8 people and show them what you are made of! 

Sounding easy so far? Your team will only have an hour to figure everything out and escape otherwise you lose! Do you think your team is strong enough to beat the clock and solve the puzzle? Or are you all going to fail?

Why not take it to the next step and make the day even more memorable for you and your friends? Get dressed up and tackle your chosen room fully embracing a character in one of the adventures. You have no rules to follow, just creative freedom so dress up and get the team together for some real fun in Perth!

There are four super exciting rooms that will put you and your friends to the test. Get transported into the world of mystery and adventure and see if you can escape! 

Does your team have what it takes to rule a land of fire and ice? 

Then Try Out the Frozen King Room! 

There is only one weapon that can kill the Frozen King and it is hidden in the throne room! You and your friends are the last hope. You must retrieve the weapon and destroy the frozen king before it is too late!

The Jungle

You and your friends have decided to drop into an abandoned garret, and you have all found yourselves involved in a game. Not only do your next steps affect your game results, they also affect your future. Can you escape The Jungle before it is too late? 

You have one hour to take down one of the biggest Mafia families 

The Mafia Room Needs You!

Dark times have come to the Corleone family, too many errors have attracted unwanted attention. The police have been trying to gather evidence, but it is not enough. You need to use your detective skills and spy work to stop the Corleone family for good. A very dangerous mission in a very dangerous territory must be done as quickly and quietly as possible. Do you and your friends have what it takes?

Can you and your friends escape the most challenging room of them all?

The Witch’s Potion

According to ancient beliefs an old witch lives in the forests, who can create a potion from any ailment. Misfortune has visited the kingdom and the king has been overtaken by an unknown illness, whoever gets the necessary potion from the Witch’s shelter will be greatly rewarded. But no one dares to venture into such a dangerous place. Apart from you and your friends. Be prepared… the cost of saving a life is extremely high, and not everyone is able to pay it. 

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? You and your friends are going to have a great time at Perth’s escape room! Which challenge will you decide to take? Will you be successful? Good luck to you and your friends, you will need it!