Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia:

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The journey from Perth to Broome through Exmouth is an excellent way to explore Australia’s wild west coast and its spectacular inland national parks such as Karijini and Kalbarri. This region of Australia will captivate you with breathtaking sunsets and crystal-clear turquoise water as far as the eye can see.
The West Coast road between Perth and Broome via Exmouth is a nature lover’s paradise, brimming with outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery. Joining Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth is the ideal way to see it all and understand why Australia’s West Coast is regarded as one of the country’s most stunning hidden gems.

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia

Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth Backpacker Adventure Tours
The beautiful coral coast.
Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth. The capital of Western Australia is a fitting place to take on a tour to Broome in northern Kimberly. The long overland tour lets you travel along the scenic Coral Coast, a range of majestic national parks and pristine bushes.  Further, it lets you indulge in exceptional pastimes such as sandboarding, snorkelling, abseiling etc.  Touring from Perth to Broome is indeed an overland adventure! To read about these exceptional pastimes along the open road of the West Coast of Australia, please visit;

Day 1:- Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia via Kalbarri

Travel alongside miles and miles of the idyllic beaches of Western Australia!  In this stretch, you will get to explore the Pinnacles Desert at the Nambung National Park, sandboard at the Jurien Bay and reach Kalbarri town through Geraldton. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth.
  • Perth to Broome Tour via Pinnacles Desert
The Pinnacles Desert, one of Australia’s unique and fascinating geological features, is located within the Nambung National Park.  Thousands of tall limestone protrusions that make up the Pinnacles desert have been formed over millions of years.   For more information on the Nambung National Park, please visit; For more information on the Pinnacles Desert, please visit; Grab one of the many tours with interesting features from Perth and enjoy the day!  The tours cover features such as sand-boarding and 4WD driving at the Lancelin Sand Dunes.  They allow you to observe cray fishing at port Lancelin on the Indian Ocean and admission to the Caversham Wildlife Park. To read about a Pinnacles Day Tour, please visit; Much of the west coast is adorned with colourful coral reefs, shallow lagoons and separate islands that are perfect for snorkelling. Jurien Bay Marine Park is in the path of migrating whales, visiting dolphins and breeding sea lions, so don’t be surprised if you bump into at least one of these marine mammals. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth. For more information on the Jurien Bay Marine Park, please visit; Adventures of Geraldton
  1. Geraldton Tubing Experience

Being flung around on water by a speed boat while you sit on a blown-up rubber tube is very exciting!  It seems that it is almost a regional sport in Geraldton.  As such, whilst you are here be sure to release your inner adrenaline junky.
  1. Geraldton Jetpack Experience

Ridiculously affordable and ridiculously fun, the Jetpack Experience is absolutely amazing!
  1. Geraldton Jet Ski Hire

Grab a jet ski for hire and whiz across the ocean as fast as you can muster! This activity is perfect to fill the morning.   Find your way around this amazing city and seeing everything else it has to offer in the evening. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth. To read more about exciting adventures at Geraldton, please visit; To find out about the best beach hostels in Geraldton, please visit; Fly from Geraldton to the Pink Lake on an aerial tour and be awed at the views of this natural wonder!  Learn how the lake gets its distinctive colour and enjoy numerous photo opportunities from the air.  Air tour from Geraldton provides a new perspective of the Western Australia coast.  Combine stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking as you explore Geraldton’s foreshore too! For more information on Geraldton, please visit; One of Australia’s most famous holiday resorts, the Kalbarri National Park houses geological attractions such as the stunning Murchison Gorge, Nature’s Window, The Z Bend, The Loop and Hawks Head.  On-water activities include water skiing, kayaking, abseiling or hiring paddleboats, dinghies and windsurfers on the river foreshore.  Between June and November, watch for migrating humpback whales and their young calves. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth. For more information on Kalbarri National Park, please visit;

Day 2:-Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia: visit Kalbarri and Shark Bay

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia Kalbarri National Park is popular for sightseeing, picnicking, abseiling, rafting and canoeing.
Travel over to the most stunning Shell Beach, one of only two beaches in the world formed entirely of shells.  Reach Shark Bay through Denham.
  • Shell Beach

Walk on the countless tiny white shells formed into the amazing Shell Beach!   The beach, stretching for 60 km, is made entirely out of billions of tiny shells and is one of only two in the world.  Some of the deposits are as much as 10 metres deep!  This beach is the perfect destination for those not so confident in the water, as the extra saltiness of the sea makes it much easier to float.    For more information on Shell Beach, please visit; Denham is the gateway for exploring the beautiful and fascinating Shark Bay World Heritage Area.  Once a pearling port, this friendly coastal town offers safe swimming beaches, restaurants, golf course and the Monkey Mia airport. While in Denham, discover the area’s natural and historical treasures at the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth.
  • Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Lovers of wildlife are lovers of Shark Bay!!  This marine park is Australia’s largest embayment consisting of 1500 km of coastline.  Seventeen species of mammals, 98 species of reptiles and amphibians and 230 species of birds call Shark Bay home!  As such, it is a popular destination for divers, snorkelers as well as nature lovers. For more information on Shark Bay Marine Park, please visit;

Day 3:- Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia via Shark Bay and Coral Bay

Meet the world-famous Monkey Mia dolphins!  View some of the world’s oldest and largest living fossils at the Hamelin Pool of Carnarvon!  These are marine rock formations called Stromatolites that breathe.
  • Monkey Mia

The friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia keep swimming up to the shore several times a day to be hand-fed by people!  They have kept this ritual for ages!  Walk down to the water’s edge to feed some of these dolphins their scaly breakfast.  Get some up and close amazing photos with the dolphins.  Explore, swim or kayak before you move on to the next destination. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth.  For more information on Monkey Mia, please visit; To read about various tours that cover your unforgettable experience with the dolphins of Monkey Mia, please visit; Be awestruck at the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites!  At Hamelin Pool, there is an interpretive boardwalk for tourists to venture out and examine the stromatolite structures.  Algal mats form in the inter-tidal region and appear as areas of flat black mudflats but are actually living stromatolite. For more information on this natural wonder, please visit;

Day 4:- Coral Bay to Exmouth Perth to Broome Bus Tour

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia Just a few steps from the Ningaloo Reef. dive, snorkel or fish in clear turquoise waters and immerse yourself in marine life encounters.
Relax at the Paradise Beach, and discover what lies underneath the turquoise waters of Coral Bay!  Coral Bay, home to the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef and Marine Park, is truly a snorkeler’s paradise!  Snorkel or cruise the reef in a glass-bottomed boat to observe the marine life teeming below.   
  • Coral Bay

The beaches of Coral Bay boast beautiful white sand with gorgeous weather year-round.  However, it’s what lies beneath the water that’s truly mesmerising, because Coral Bay is home to the Ningaloo Reef. For more information on Coral Bay, please visit; This astonishing underwater world is just metres from the shore.  Immerse yourself with coral and marine life of many species of fish, manta rays and whale sharks.  You will never forget the moment you come side by side with these gentle giants!  It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  Alternatively, take a scenic flight over the stunning reef down below. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth. For more information on Ningaloo Marine Park, please visit; To read about the many tours that take you to your once-in-a-lifetime experiences, please visit; 

Accommodation at Ningaloo Reef

The amazing Ningaloo Reef offers many opportunities for adventure-seeking tourists to enjoy and be awestruck!  Observing awesome marine life, water sports, kayaking, boat tours, scuba diving, inland adventures, hiking etc. are some of them.  Whatever you decide to do, you need nearby accommodation to fit in with all your activities.   For information about the best Ningaloo campsites, please visit; Located 40km from Exmouth, Cape Range National Park is an explorer’s dream.  The park has beautiful rocky gorges carved by ancient rivers, adjoining one of the most pristine and beautiful coastlines.  The park is home to a variety of birds, emus, euros, red kangaroos and around 630 species of flowering plants.  Over 700 caves to be investigated. For more information on Cape Range National Park, please visit; A highlight to any Cape Range experience is a trip to Yardie Creek, which flows between sheer cliffs. Guided boat tours are available for visitors to enjoy the tranquillity of the gorge and view the wildlife in its natural setting.  A four-wheel-drive is needed to cross Yardie Creek.  Conditions change quickly with rain and access may become restricted.
  • Surfing at Exmouth

There is far more to do at Exmouth than surf.  However, for beginners, the beaches around Exmouth are absolutely spot on and you will no doubt find yourself riding clear blue walls much sooner than you think.  Although Exmouth is not particularly famous for its surf, it is perfect for the newbies, especially for those who want to do more than just surf. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth.

Day 6/7/8:- Exmouth to Karijini National Park Backpacker Overland Adventure

Start your long journey to the Karijini National Park.  Travel through Pilbara Region, known for its red earth and rich mineral deposits, and Tom Price, for iron ore mining.  Explore the Karijini National Park’s beautiful gorges, cascading waterfalls, tranquil waterholes & pools, narrow rocky inlets, the natural amphitheatre etc.  This part of the journey is one of the highlights of the tour!
  • Pilbara Region

The Pilbara Region is home to some of the world’s oldest natural landscapes dating back two billion years!  The outstanding coral coastline with turquoise waters, deep canyons and mountain ranges are beautiful and yet challenging terrain for the explorer!  An area five times the size of Scotland, the Pilbara really is astonishing territory. To read more about the Pilbara Region and its attractions, please visit; Grab one of the many tours that passes through the Pilbara Region to fully enjoy it.  Please visit to find out about tours; After a long travel, stop and learn about the local iron ore industry at Port Hedland.  For more information on Port Hedland, please visit; The Karijini National Park is the go-to for activity and adventure in the Northwest!  It is accessible from March to October due to excessive heat!  Its rich red dirt meets the bright blue sky invite you to indulge in its rugged beauty.  Millions of years old rock formations, carvings and traditions of the local Banyjima Aboriginal people await you here! Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth. To read about the amazing tours to Karijini National Park, please visit;

Adventures of Karijini

Explore Karijini National Park and the amazing gorges in two full days. Formed over 2,500 million years ago, the Hamersley Ranges are some of the most unusual landforms on earth.  Dales Gorge, Fortesque Falls, Fern Pool, Circular Pool, Weano Gorge and Hancock Gorge are just some of the unforgettable areas to visit. This part of the journey is definitely a highlight!  For more information on Karijini National Park, please visit;

Day 9:- Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia Karijini National Park to 80-Mile Beach

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia Enjoy the beauty of the 80 Mile Beach at the end of your Perth to Broome Adventure Tour!  This beach is one of Australia’s most remarkable hidden gems. Take a stroll along the white sandy beach and get some photos of the azure water, before coming into Broome. 
For more information on the 80-mile beach, please visit; To check out on the caravan park at the 80-mile beach, please visit;

Day 10:- Perth to Broome Tour

It is known as the pearl capital of the world with Cable Beach serving as the top attraction site. The great beach is known for its tourists riding on camels on sunset a beautiful view for photographers. It also has several highlights including the Staircase to the moon, Broome Historical Museum, and Broome Crocodile Park.  Your tour is made complete by an idyllic Broome sunset! Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth.
  • Cable Beach

From the tidal flats to the gorgeous blue waters and the burnt orange sunsets, Cable Beach is the piece de resistance of Broome, the outback town in the Kimberley region of North-Western Australia.  An experience to be had and never missed is the camel ride along the beach while the sunsets. For more information on Cable Beach as one of the top-rated tourist attraction, please visit; To learn about the 5 must-see attractions in Western Australia while you are there, please visit; Discover the unique ‘Staircase to The Moon’, where the exposed tidal flights light up after nightfall to create an illusion of reaching up to the moon. Want to experience all this and more? Book on to one of the awesome tours in Western Australia.  Whether travelling from Perth, Exmouth or Broome, they offer brilliant tours varying from 1 to 19 days so there is an adventure to be had by everyone.

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia Deals

Whether you are travelling down the coast from Broome or up from PerthWestern Australia is a fascinating sceptical which is why so many travellers choose companies like Integrity Coach Lines Hop on Hop off service to get around.
  • Hop on Hop off Travel Pass – Integrity Coach Lines
Tour Western Australia with a ‘Hop on Hop off travel pass’ and make the most of your journey!  Your travel plans fit hand-in-hand with the hop-on-hop-off travel of Integrity Coach Lines. You have the freedom of deciding where to go and how long for but can travel safely with a professional driver – a great way to avoid self-driving the incredibly long and treacherous distances of Australia. Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth.
  • Tour Operator: Integrity Coach Lines

‘Hop on Hop off’ Passes: 

1. 3000 km pass – price: AUS $ 395 Adequate to cover Perth to Broome, Broome to Perth, Perth to Exmouth and back etc. 2. 6000 km pass – price: AUS $ 750 Adequate to cover Perth to Broome and back, Broome to Perth and back etc.

Hop on Hop off pass to Karijini

If you’d rather be driven than drive, you can book a seat with Integrity Coach Lines.  Enjoy the freedom of hopping on and off as you make your way up the Western Australian coast to Karijini!  Dropping you off at Tom Price, Integrity passes you over to The Flying Sandgroper, for an unforgettable overnight tour of Karijini.  Backpacker Advantages:    The cheapest price is attractive to backpackers as they prefer to do budget tours.  Further, the ‘Hop on Hop off’ feature opens opportunities for cheap backpacker accommodation. For purchasing a ‘Hop on Hop off’ pass, please visit;
  • Tour Operator: Why Not Bus Tours
13-day Backpacker Camping Tour:  Prices from AUS $1599+ (AUS $ 29 optional camping gear rental) For more information and booking this tour, please visit; Backpacker Advantages:   This tour accommodates only backpackers!  As such, you will be among young travellers in the age group of 18 – 35 and young guides.  Make new friends and be who you are!
  • Tour Operator: Kimberley Wild Expeditions
12-day Tour:  Prices from AUS $ 4995 For more information and booking this tour, please visit; 10-day Tour:  Prices from AUS $ 1685 Backpacker Advantages:    All prices are kept low due to shared dormitory and  camping accommodation. For more information and booking this tour, please visit; Click here Also visit –  Go West Travel