Fraser Island Tours Price Guide

Fraser Island Tours Price Guide

Fraser Island Tours Price Guide 2020

Thousands of years of nature’s capricious ways have gone into the exquisite crafting of Fraser Island. We are talking about ancient sand dunes, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters of Fraser Island. Are you ready to fall in love with K’gari’s (translated as paradise) spell?

How Much to Budget For?

Budget to spend around 326 AUD per day to explore the world’s largest sand island.

Getting your 4W to Fraser Island and the cost

If you are planning to drive along the sandy stretches in Fraser Island, bring your 4WD. You’ll have to buy your access permit before going into the island. A permit for one month or less cost 48.25 AUD. If you are not going to bother with transporting your 4WD, the ferry fee is a mere 50 aud.

You’ll take your ferry ride to Fraser Island from River Heads or Inkskip Point. A ferry ride costs between 110 to 175 AUD per vehicle (your 4WD). If you book an organized tour, they most probably will cover this cost in the package.

We recommend booking a tour with someone who knows what they are doing. Driving on sandy coasts is definitely thrilling but way harder than you might imagine.

If you plan to hire a 4WD, there are plenty of options starting from around 195 AUD.

Cost of camping (and other accommodation)

  • Camping fees per person per night – 6.15 AUD (no charge for children under 5)
  • Camping fees per family per night – 24.60 AUD (up to 8 people)

Hotel accommodation in Fraser Island can cost between 195 to 285 AUD per night.

Helpful Tips for Your Fraser Island Experience

  • Bring your own toilet paper (not all camping grounds have toilets and showers)
  • If you are going to venture ‘into the sandy stretches’ without a guide, be aware of the ways of tides
  • If you are bringing your own 4WD, take plenty of fuel and some more. You are going to go through a lot of fuel. Seriously, it is a massive island
  • If you are going to camp, bring a stove. Fire bans are in effect
  • You can only light your campfire in the communal fire ring
  • Going camping? Bring your own food supplies. There is a small store but understandably goods are rather expensive

How to Be Safe

When you drive,

  • Stay on the track of the lead car
  • Stay clear of waves lapping against the beach and any obstacles on your way
  • Don’t swerve or make quick movements

Also, keep your distance from Dingoes and don’t feed them.

If you wish to book an organized tour to explore all this, without hassle, contact Dropbear Adventures.

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