Adelaide to Perth Tour this Winter

Adelaide to Perth Tour this Winter


It may not enjoy the fame and spotlight like its eastern counterpart but both Western and Southern Australia have some of the finest treasures in the country. Especially along the lines of natural attractions and unspoiled beauty. Australia is massive and east, west or south, covering it all means travelling long distances. One way you can kill two birds with one stone is by combining your intercity travel with a road trip. This winter explore the Adelaide to Perth stretch and discover perfection along the way.


Australia is built for road trips. No matter what your destination is, the journey is equally or perhaps even more exciting. The stretch from Adelaide to Perth takes you across the Nullarbor Plain which is just as iconic as some of the country’s biggest highlights. You will cover attractions like the Red Gums and sand dunes and witness kangaroos sunbathing and dolphins splashing along the way. Adorned with ancient forests and endless deserts this stretch is known for its rich diversity and you will love every bit of it.

Travel by Car

When it comes to road trips from Adelaide to Perth there are a couple of options for you to choose from. As with any other road trip you can probably do the drive between the 2 cities. But 2000 – 3000 kilometers is what you are looking at and unless you can withstand the distance and the continuous driving for several days, this is not the best option. The biggest advantage though of driving is the freedom and flexibility you have in creating a journey precisely how you like it.

Bus Tours

There are bus/ coach tours from Adelaide to Perth and this comes with an added advantage of a fixed itinerary and a tour guide. Considering the vastness of the area covered in an Adelaide to Perth tour many consider a bus tour a better option to self driving. Tour packages are available with a set number of days and fixed attractions that will be covered. For travelers this information would aid in planning and preparing for this road trip.


Accommodation is one thing you would probably have to consider along the way. A bus tour will have you covered along the many stops you will be making, but if you opt to drive your way between the 2 cities consider camping along the way. Camping helps you break your journey pretty much anywhere you like. It helps you save on the costs and enjoy the riches of Australia in its most raw and undiluted form. All you need to do is bring your camping equipment and you are good to go.

Flinders Rangers National Park

This is probably the first big attraction you will come across along the way. A unique natural park this spot is adorned with so many fossils that on discovery of its existence even the earths geological time line has to be adjusted. Interesting hikes along the way includes the Alligator Gorge and Warren Gorge where you can witness some spectacular scenery.

Eyre Peninsula

It is a treasure trove of attractions this region and if you take your time exploring the place you will cover attractions such as Venus Bay, Talia Caves and Lake Newland sand dunes. If you would like to get that adrenaline pumping, you can try out your sand boarding skills here. The Coodie Park Farm Retreat is another interesting place in the vicinity where you can witness a traditional farm in operation.

The Nullarbor

The Nullarbor Plain is the highlight of the Adelaide to Perth tour and crossing this plain is one of those quintessential Australian Outback experiences. Its rugged landscapes include the Bunda Cliffs which is aptly referred to as the edge of Australia. Local wildlife is also found in abundance here and species you will encounter includes kangaroos and wombats. Add some history to your adventure by exploring the Nullarbor Roadhouse which contains ruins of an age-old telegraph station.

Cape Le Grand National Park

Now this is another spectacular national park that you will come across that is adorned with some of natures finest features. Apart from the national park there are a couple of other interesting attractions you may come across along the way. This includes the rather interesting Caiguna Blowhole among other places. There are also the towns of Balladonia and Norseman and if you have time go check them out.

Mount Clarence and the ANZAC Memorial

Around the Albany region you will find attractions like Mount Clarence that affords some spectacular scenery. The ANZAC memorial is a particularly poignant attraction and if you are into Australian history you are going to love this one. Other attractions in the vicinity includes Emu Point and Whale World giving you yet another dose of Australia’s rich wildlife.

Leeuwin-Naturalist National Park

This is home to Margaret River and a host of other spectacular natural attractions. However, what distinguishes the Leeuwin National Park from similar conventional parks is the opportunity you get here to sample some of the finest wines in the country. Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is a must not miss attraction thanks to the historical aura you can enjoy here and the stunning birds eye views. On your way out you will come across the unique Quarri forests that is known for its towering trees.


This is among the most famous surfing beaches in the country that prides itself for having some spectacular coastal scenery. The best part is here again you can try some wine tasting.

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