Backpacker Farming Jobs in Victoria Australia

Backpacker Farming Jobs in Victoria Australia

Farm work in rural Australia can be a great way for backpackers to earn some money in the short-term, to support their living expenses.  This is especially true for those who are holding a working holiday visa (subclass 417). Further, they will have the opportunity of extending their working holiday visa for a period of 12 months by working in a farm for three months.

Minimum Wage

Farm work in Australia is often physically very demanding.  Therefore, the backpacker should ensure that the employer pays minimum wage.  Few other factors to find out before starting the work would be the duration of the seasonal work, working hours in a typical day and whether accommodation and/or food is included.

The Heat

Those who don’t cope well in the heat should avoid the Outback.  Jobs such as fruit sorting might be easier than fruit picking. It is a good idea to stock up on sunscreen, insect repellent etc. as they could be working outdoors, miles away from a city.

Jobs & Crops

Victoria offers fruit picking, thinning and pruning jobs for the backpackers in two seasons, from January to April and November to February.  Major crops of the area are pears, peaches, apples, tomatoes, grapes and tobacco. An estimated daily wage for a fruit picker is around AUS $ 245, in Australia.
As many working holiday visa holders have taken advantage of the work offers in this rural Australian setting and the work is seasonal, competition has been on the up-rise.

Methods of getting a farm job:

  • Follow the harvest trail

First of all, plan where you want to live and work.  Then follow the harvest patterns to find out where the jobs are going to be.

  • Get ahead of the game

Managers of farms and orchards are knowledgeable about exactly how many workers they need for a particular season.  Therefore, it is worth staying in the closest town or city in advance to make sure that you are among the first group to be offered the job.

  • Check out hostel noticeboards

Keep checking at the working people’s hostels and hostel noticeboards for job offers in farms.

  • Check out websites

Surf the web often and adequately to find seasonal farming job offers.