Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Victoria

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Victoria

Executive Chef jobs in Melbourne

An executive chef is the head of the entire kitchen operation of a restaurant. Executive chefs manage inventory, budgeting, menu planning, training, plating, and all kitchen staff, from sous chefs to dishwashers. They ensure the high standard of food quality and that service runs smoothly and efficiently. Executive chefs are the highest level of management in the kitchen. They are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the orginisation.

Restaurant Manager jobs in Melbourne

Restaurant managers organize and coordinate the daily operations of a restaurant. To make sure things run smoothly, they must manage their staff effectively and attend to customers’ needs, ensuring their experience in the restaurant is a positive one. Restaurant managers may also manage the hiring of new staff. Proven customer service and management skills are usually the best qualifications for this line of work.

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Victoria Front Desk Receptionist

A Front desk receptionist is a customer service professional who is the first point of contact for clients, customers, or patients. Depending on the field, receptionists may be responsible for greeting customers, processing initial paperwork, maintaining records and schedules, and answering phones. therefore front desk receptionists should be personable and well organized.

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Victoria Barista Wanted

Baristas take orders and prepare beverages for customers. These orders are often coffee beverages, but may also include tea, smoothies, and other drinks. Baristas must learn to drink recipes, maintain equipment, keep their work areas clean, and ensure that inventories are stocked. Therefore they may also interact with customers by answering questions and helping them choose a beverage that they may enjoy.

Bartender jobs in hospitality Melbourne

Bartenders mix and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in a bar or restaurant. This position requires superb customer service skills as well as the ability to multitask when preparing drinks and ringing up customer bills. Bartenders take orders, create and mix drinks, and often act as food servers for customers sitting in the bar area. Bartenders work with the restaurant staff on side work.

Hospitality jobs useful information

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