Farming Jobs in Victoria for Backpackers

How to find farm work in New South Wales Australia

Farm work in Victoria can be a great way to earn some cash and experience Victoria’s regional culture while enjoying the great outdoors ‘ unique beauty. Farm work in Victoria is also often very physically demanding and you need to make sure that the employer for whom you work pays the minimum wage and that you can find suitable accommodation as well. Nearly all the jobs are located in rural areas, the work is seasonal and the competition for farm jobs has increased.

How to get a farming Job in Victoria

Following a harvest trail can be a good opportunity for many backpackers to follow, however, that often means that a lot of people end up competing for the same jobs. Ideally, you should make a plan based around where you want to be and where the jobs are going to be. Here you’ve got the choice between cherries, apples, peaches, wine and tobacco

Working hostels and hostel notice boards often provide a wealth of knowledge and you don’t have to be staying there to get the information. So simply drop by.

Search through online job search engines like;

Regular Farming Jobs in Victoria

Fruit Picking Cobram Victoria

Main harvests are Apples, Cherries, Stone Fruit, Citrus, Tomatoes. Cobram is a large fruit – the growing area just 250 km north of Melbourne on the Murray River. The district is called “peaches and cream” because it is an irrigated fruit and milk region with large areas of stone fruit and many dairies.

Fruit Picking Yarra Valley in Victoria

Main Harvests are Apples, Cherries, Grape and Picking, Pears, Berries. There are around 85 vineyards and wineries in the Yarra Valley and many different selections of wines, several with cellar door tastings, accommodation and restaurants.

Fruit Picking Swan Hill Victoria

Main Harvests are Citrus, Vegetables, Grape and Picking, Stone fruit.  A diverse range of fruit and vegetables, as well as significant amounts of wool, grain and stock, are produced in the Swan hills. A large tourism industry based on the river and river history is featured around the city, with the centrepiece being the Folk Museum and the Paddle Steamer Gem.

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