Best Snorkelling Spots in Melbourne

Best Snorkelling Spots in Melbourne

When visiting Melbourne, if you are a ocean lover make sure you add snorkelling to your list of activities. Because some of the best snorkelling spots in Melbourne is a must to explore. 

Flinders Pier

There is plenty of other marine life, including rays, cuttlefish and crabs and various fish. There are also often large stingrays swimming around, which can be a bit startling when they float by unexpectedly! There’s lots of seagrass and seaweeds, which are good places for spotting pipefish. Flinders Pier is quite long but there are plenty of ladders along its length for easy exit and entry points for a shorter snorkel.

Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary 

This is generally a deeper snorkelling spot and can be quite exposed to the ocean swells so it is recommended for advanced snorkelers. The reef itself is shaped like a mushroom and has lots of rocky nooks and crannies to explore for marine life. There’s also plenty of seagrass and algae to snorkel through, which are good areas to spot fish and weedy sea dragons. At low tide, there are also lots of interesting rock pools to explore!

Rye Pier

It is a good place for beginner snorkelers. It even has a 200-metre long underwater ‘self-guided’ marine trail, the Octopuses Garden, with signs about the marine life under the pier. The pylons are covered in all sorts of colourful sponges and algae, with plenty of fish, squid, and rays to see as well. It’s also a good spot to see seahorses, and even the odd seal! 

Portsea Pier 

These graceful creatures float around gently near the patches of seagrass and seaweeds, and are often very well camouflaged! The pier itself is shaped like an ‘L’, so once you get to the end of the straight section; you can follow the pier to its end around to the right. There’s plenty of rocky nooks and overhangs, with a variety of fish to see and possibly even crayfish. There’s also lots of kelp and other algae to snorkel through and explore.

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