Farm Jobs in Melbourne Victoria

Farm Jobs in Melbourne Victoria

Farm Labourers Jobs in Melbourne

Labourers are responsible for harvesting vegetables, fruits, grain, nuts, fibre, trees, shrubs and numerous other crops. They normally plant, seed, prune, harvest, irrigate, pack and load these crops. Greenhouse workers and nursery worker, which are also labourers, normally prepare lands and greenhouse beds for growing products such as plants, flowers, trees, and sod. 

Graders and Sorters Jobs in Melbourne

Graders and sorters normally examine products that are being prepared to be shipped off. Their jobs are to classify the goods according to condition, colour and size, and throw away damaged or defective goods.

Fruit Pickers Jobs in Melbourne

Fruit pickers often referred to as harvesters, are an important part of the agriculture industry because the fruit is delicate and requires gentle harvesting techniques. Mechanized picking machines can damage or destroy fruit during the picking process. 

Sweet Skills Jobs in Melbourne

Fruit pickers harvest, sort and gather fruit with their hands. Some use small knives or tools to cut fruit from branches and vines. To harvest some fruits, such as apples, oranges and peaches, you must be able to climb a ladder, remove the fruit and place it in your satchel or basket without injury.  

Animal Husbandry Jobs in Melbourne

Some farms are devoted primarily to breeding, raising and training animals, such as beef or dairy cows or horses. The animals need daily care and must be fed and watered. Some animals are moved to fresh pasture every day. Animals such as horses must be groomed, trained and require other types of care such as shoeing. Farmers also provide routine veterinary care, such as immunizations, worming or castration.

Managing the Land Jobs in Melbourne

No farm can be successful unless the land is managed for maximum fertility. These activities can include using chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers or both. Many farmers add fertility to the soil with animal manure, compost or cover crops, which are grown to a certain point and then chopped up and turned into the soil to decompose. In addition to soil improvements, farmers must prevent erosion by careful timing of cultivation and planting. 

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