5 Adventure Activities Near Perth

Adventure Activities Near Perth

Looking for the ultimate rush in or around Perth, WA? It’s time to ditch that laziness of being indoors away and take life outdoors! Perth is renowned for its sunny weather, relaxed outdoor lifestyle and abundance of things to see and do. Most of which are all on offer within a short distance of the city center. You will find a range of fun outdoor and adventure attractions suitable for all explorers.


This incredibly useful skill of using a rope to get down vertical drops is a must for the adventure seekers. You could enjoy an adrenaline filled day of abseiling in Mountain Quarry or Statham’s Quarry with a great view over Perth. For those who wish to add a little bit of extra excitement, try abseiling in the dark. Spacechameleon Adventure Co and Adventure Out Australia are two best choices for you to try out Abseiling in Perth.


You can’t stop the waves in Perth but you can learn to surf. This sport of riding breaking waves toward the shore is one of the most famous adventure activities in Perth. Cottesloe Beach, Rottnest Island, Trigg Island, Margaret River’s beaches and Gnaraloo Bay are the top 5 surfing locations around Perth. Perth Go Surf, Surfing Lessons Perth and Scarborough Beach Surf School are ideal for those who want to try surfing around Perth.


Are you kayaking on your next trip or just have a nice local place you like to kayak? When it comes to Kayaking it is an up-and-go activity. Explore Western Australia’s spectacular waterways on a kayak for exercise, serenity and pure enjoyment. Frankland River, Denmark River, Swan River, Murray River, and Blackwood River are some of the best destinations for kayaking around Perth.


Coasteering is a blend of rock-hopping, shore-scrambling, swell-riding, cave-exploring and cliff-jumping for the ultimate aquatic adventure. This unique adventure sport gives you raw adrenaline. In Perth, it is about getting in the water and experiencing the Indian Ocean up close. Depending on the season, you could see whales, sea lions, and stingrays. Margaret River Adventure Company is the most famous for coasteering in Perth.

Mountain Biking

Life is like riding a bicycle. Then why not go mountain biking in Perth. Begin your off-road adventure jumping onto mountain bikes to explore the forest trails of Perth. Western Australia is home to some fantastic mountain biking trails like Kalamunda mountain bike trail, the Goat Farm, Lanford Park, Munda Biddi Trail. Many of them are less than a one-hour drive from the center of Perth.

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