Best Day trips from Exmouth

Best Day trips from Exmouth

Day trip from Exmouth

Exmouth is a small resort town on Western Australia’s North West Cape. The distance from Perth to Exmouth is 1246.9 km and takes 12 hours and 51 minutes via National Route 1.  

What you can see in Exmouth

Nigaloo Centre

The Ningaloo Centre is also home to the WA Museum and Exmouth Memory Room Project. Local residents have worked with the WA Museum to record the memories of people who have called Exmouth home over the last 50 years.

 Visitor Galleries

The Ningaloo Centre has three visitor galleries. They are En Route to Vermouth, the ‘Reef to Range’ gallery and the ‘Terrestrial’ gallery.


The aquarium is set to be a popular attraction for all visiting the Ningaloo Centre. The 55,000-litre tank will be home to a wide range of marine life local to the Ningaloo Reef; with more than 100 fish species, ten invertebrates (like clams and starfish), and thirty different corals.

Ningaloo Coast

The 705,015 hectare World heritage-listed area is located approximately 1,200 kilometers north of Perth, along the East Indian Ocean.

You can Dive, snorkel or fish in clear turquoise waters and it’s one of the few places on earth where you can come face to face with the whale shark, the biggest fish in the ocean.

Game fishing destination

Ningaloo is also Western Australia’s premier game fishing destination, and Coral Bay’s fishing charters will put you within striking distance of your dream catch.

Cape Range National Park

It is a national park in Western Australia, and occupies the western side of the North West Cape peninsula over an area of 47,655 hectares. It has Kangaroos, sheer cliffs and red, rocky gorges. On the Cape’s northwest coast, Jurabi Coastal Reserve’s tidal rock pools, beaches and seasonal nesting grounds of marine turtles are found.

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