Best Surf Camps in Exmouth

Even this far North it is still not too late to catch a surf so be sure to take our top picks of the best surf camps in Exmouth

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30min Gulf Classic

Coral Viewing & Snorkel Tour 2hrs

90 min NorCape Explorer

60 min Birds Eye View Ningaloo

Island Adventures (6 Days)

Ningaloo & Cape Range Gourmet Adventure

Far North of the Western Australian Coastline you can find yourself exploring the wonders of land and sea in Exmouth. Something that might slip your rader is the chance to catch some surf. To push you in the right direction, here are the best surf camps in Exmouth.

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Here Is Our Pick of Local Attractions With Your Best Surf Camps in Exmouth

The Ningaloo Coast


The Ningaloo Reef is the ultimate attraction to swim alongside the gentle and tranquil whale shark. The reef itself is an underwater city, home to a staggering number of different marine life creatures that boast colours you never knew existed, the colours in this underwater super city make rainbows look boring. This marine eco-system is absolutely mesmerizing.
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Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park

Located on the west side of the North West Cape is the humongous Cape Range National Park – covering over 50,000 hectares! The National park is a perfect expression of geologic history, dotted with rugged limestone ranges, staggeringly deep canyons and 50km of pristine, white, sandy beaches.

Exmouth Town Beach

Exmouth Town Beach is the perfect local spot to relax, put your feet up and soak in the sun. When all the adventure has left you tired, this is the place to recharge your batteries whilst treating yourself to the scenery.
The beach is in the town so there is also plenty of opportunities to make a day of it.

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Best Beach Hostels in Exmouth

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Best Surf Camps in Exmouth

There are no two ways about it, Exmouth is an unmissable destination on your Perth To Broome Tours. Even this far North it is still not too late to catch a surf so be sure to take our top picks of the best surf camps in Exmouth.
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