Coach tours Perth to Exmouth

Perth to Exmouth 5 days one- way tour

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Coach tours Perth to Exmouth

Coach tours Perth to Exmouth , experience Yanchep National Park and the Pinnacles

At the beginning of your adventure! You are picked up in a comfortable Coach leave Perth and head for Yanchep National Park, a place known for its caves, vast native scrubland and koala colony. Explore the sunset on the rock stars of the interior of Western Australia, the Pinnacles.

Coach tours Perth to Exmouth , explore Dongara and Greenough Wildlife Park

Your coach is heading north, along with the coast. You have a short break in Dongara, a coastal town, where you sit in the bay with tea in the morning and watch the fishing boats pass by. After driving a little further, you will find yourself in the Greenough Wildlife Park, a private animal rescue and rehabilitation park in Western Australia.

Travel to Western Australia

On the Coach tours Perth to Exmouth you will be amazed by Kalbarri National Park

Tours from Perth to Kalbarri
Aussie Wander tour group looking through natures window in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Then head to Kalbarri National Park, where you will walk through a 400-million-year-old red rock, then head to the famous Zbend Gorge, where 150 meters below you will find a freshwater pool. Then you look through the window of nature, where you can sit in a natural rock arch, with a panoramic sight of the splendid Murchison River.

Coach tours Perth to Exmouth you can visit the oldest and largest living organisms in the world.

Then the coach enters the Midwest, a country where there are more sheep and fewer people. You fall into the strange, secluded and beautiful pond of Hamelin for a peak in the stromatolites, the oldest and largest living organisms in the world. Soon, you will leave the bus, to the World Heritage area of Shark Bay, and Shell Beach, a place where the beach forms white shells of all sizes.

Coach tours Perth to Exmouth, say hello to friendly Dolphins

Dolphins in Western Australia

Travel to Monkey Mia Cove, a popular tourist destination known to be one of the most trusted dolphin assembly spots in the world. The water is turquoise and clear when you have the opportunity to meet closely with these beautiful creatures and enjoy the opportunity to feed them. Then, Eagle Bluff, seen from the top of a cliff, allows you to see all kinds of marine life, from squids to stingrays to sharks, all in the field of biodiversity.

Explore Darwin, Northern Territory

Coach tours Perth to Exmouth, visit Coral Bay and discover Exmouth

Sightsee Coral Bay, a tropical oasis in the tropic of Capricorn. Coral Bay, with its own name, is home to about 250 species of flourishing corals and 500 species of fish and marks the commencement of the much-admired world of Ningaloo Reef. Then take the coach heading south on the road from Coral Bay to Exmouth which is a really, small town with one supermarket and a few cafés, restaurants and shops. But the surroundings of Exmouth are superb and there’s a lot to discover.
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