Comedy Lounge Perth WA

Thursday Comedy Club Melbourne Australia


Anyone can register for a spot to get on stage for 5 minutes.  This is the karaoke of comedy without word prompts.

Date: 26th June 8 pm

Cost: $11.73

Six in the city

The Comedy Lounge version of a happy hour is giving customers six comedians to enjoy in a fast paced and valued packed Sixty minutes. It is a different mix of acts every week on Thursday and Saturday.

Dates: 27th and 29th June 6 pm.

Cost: $21.86

Girls Night out

Date: 28th June 8 pm.

Cost: $52.25

Address: Comedy Lounge Perth City, Upstairs 413 Murray Street, Perth, WA

Tel: +61 8 9309 1139

For tickets: Or

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