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Things to Do in Exmouth

Things to Do in Exmouth
beautiful sad and blue sea in Exmouth

Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See. For outdoor lovers who adore the sunny weather and beautiful beaches, Exmouth is the perfect travel destination. In Wotif’s ‘Aussie Town of the Year Awards’ 2021, Exmouth was named WA’s top town of the year and Australia’s #8 town. 

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Diver in exmouth western australia
This lovely location is located around one hour and a half south of Exmouth and is truly breathtaking!

January, like December, is a hot summer month in Exmouth, Australia. Just remember to avoid getting sunburned and to bring lots of water with you. Between December and April, tropical cyclones are also a common occurrence in this area. When visiting this beautiful region of the world, it is critical that you understand the processes and protocols in place for Tropical Cyclones.

Things to Do in Exmouth

Exmouth, a town located on the tip of the North West Cape in Western Australia, is 1,270 kilometers north of the state capital Perth and 3,366 kilometers southwest of Darwin.  In the 2016 census, Exmouth’s population was 2,486 which increased to 6000 at the peak of the tourist season. The town relies more on tourism. There are a lot of places of interest in Exmouth and the following are some of the best things to do in Exmouth.

Visit Coral Bay

Coral Bay Eco Tours
One of the most amazing experiences in Australia

This lovely location is located around one hour and a half south of Exmouth and is truly breathtaking! Because of the presence of a few expensive hotel options and restaurants, it has a more resort-like vibe than the rest of the city, and it is easier to wander about. Walk around Bill’s Bay or Paradise Beach in Coral Bay, either in the morning or at night, while you are there. Spend the evening at Bill’s Bar with fantastic food and beverages after a long day on the water or in the dunes exploring the area.

Coral Bay offers the ideal combination of action and leisure, and since it is not a long journey from Learmonth Airport, you may visit for just a few days and see the highlights.

Hutt Lagoon

Hutt Lagoon, a beautiful pink lake located 45 minutes south of Kalbarri, is a must-see! The lake’s color may shift dramatically depending on the time of day and the amount of cloud cover. So, when you initially arrive, the lake may look like a bright shade of pink, much like bubblegum. And it might be lilac in color by the time you leave, because some blue can grow more predominant in the lake, giving it a lilac tinge. It looks stunning in any color.

Travel to Western Australia

The Big Prawn

The Big Prawn, which is located in the heart of town, is a memorial to the prawn fishery and the Kailis family, who were important in establishing the business in Exmouth.

Formerly located at Learmonth’s MG Kailis Gulf Fisheries plant, the Big Prawn was gifted to the community of Exmouth in 2013 by the Kailis family in memory of their father, Michael Kailis.

VLF Towers

You’ll be able to view the VLF Towers long before you arrive. Awe-inspiring and energizing, driving under these monstrous structures is an unforgettable experience. One of the world’s most powerful VLF (Very Low Frequency) transmitters is located at the Harold E. Holt Communications Station. At 387.6 metres tall, these gigantic manufactured constructions are the second-highest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere after the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Because of the escalating Cold War, the towers were constructed in 1967 with the cooperation of the United States and Australian governments. As a result of the withdrawal of American and Australian military troops from Exmouth in 1992, the VLF communications station was left in the hands of private contractors.

Beers and pizza, Whalebone Brewery

Pints are $10, and pizzas are $20. This lively little bar is tucked away in an industrial area just outside of town, and it just has enough space to accommodate the enormous number of people who frequent it. Warm light bulbs strung together and chilled-out music set the tone for the evening. Whalebone Brewery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 4 p.m. till late, and on weekends it often has live music. Beers are available in various styles, but we suggest a pale ale or a spicy ginger beer.

Find the fig tree’s hidden cave, Learmonth

Getting to this location may be difficult; it’s simpler to get there from the east, but it’s more difficult to locate from the west. As you approach the camp, you’ll need to utilize Wikicamps to pinpoint its precise position. A low-lying fig tree stretches down through the rocks and opens into a vast cave under the surface of the water. Locals in Exmouth have constructed a chain-link ladder that leads down into the cave; all you need is a light.

Dance away your Friday night at Potshot

Semisonic’s Final Hours After midnight, the party is over. Therefore, like Cinderella, make the most of your evening before the clock strikes twelve. Going for a Goon Sunrise is a popular drink among travelers, but unless you plan to have a night you won’t remember while suffering from a headache that won’t go away, we wouldn’t suggest it.

Noble Falls

Noble Falls is a great place for a family picnic, a nature walk, or to record your own waterfall moment amid quiet jarrah, marri, and blackbutt wilderness. It’s also a great place for a wedding reception. If you come in the spring, you may take a walk amid the wildflowers, including unique species found nowhere else on the planet.

The falls are located approximately 5.5 kilometers outside of the beautiful little village of Gidgegannup, which is roughly a 30-minute drive inland from the city of Perth. Trail signs direct you to the Noble Falls car park, which is just across the street from Noble Falls Tavern. To get to the falls, follow the walk along Wooroloo Brook, which is at its most boiling and tumbling in the winter and spring months.


Dwellingup, located 1.5 hours south of Perth, is the ideal rural getaway for anyone seeking peace. The Murray River offers a range of exciting outdoor activities for a day trip or weekend getaway, including camping in the jarrah woodlands, bushwalking, mountain biking, and canoeing on the Murray River, among others.

Allow yourself to be immersed in the breathtaking woodland valleys and rivers of Lane Poole Reserve. Located on about 55,000 hectares of land, the reserve is a popular and attractive adventure playground crisscrossed with hiking paths, mountain biking trails, and four-wheel-drive roads. Known for its abundance of wildlife year-round and wildflowers in the spring, it’s also a wonderful area to take it easy with a picnic or a stroll with your dog (yes, the reserve is pet-friendly).

Bundegi Beach

Although there are several fantastic snorkeling spots in the Exmouth area, this isn’t one of them in the traditional sense. You may go for a swim, kayak around the lake, or paddleboard around on a stand-up paddleboard in this beautiful setting. It’s simply a ten-minute drive from Exmouth. On the beach, there is a boat ramp and a jetty, and you may go fishing.

If you have a kayak, the Bundegi Sanctuary Zone is approximately 3 kilometers south of the shore. It is possible to tie up your boat and go snorkeling in the area. Going kayaking and snorkeling at high tide is preferable to avoid exposing the reef to the elements. There is no fishing allowed in the Bundegi Sanctuary Zone. Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.


Located near the southernmost point of the Exmouth Peninsula, the Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt provides communications support to the fleet. As you travel between Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef, you can’t miss the 13 tall transmitter masts and network of connecting wires that mark the route. The towers, which stand over 350 metres tall, combine to produce a stunning architectural complex.

The towers used for undersea radio transmissions are also the subject of several conspiracy theories, which we’ll leave to you to investigate further. Leaving aside UFO conspiracy ideas, the towers are at their most stunning towards the end of the day when silhouetted against a sunset backdrop. One of the best spots to see the VLF array is from the parking lot, which also happens to be home to the wreck of the SS Mildura. 


Located a few minutes north of Exmouth on the Yardie Creek road, the Mildura Wreck Route may be found off the Yardie Creek road near North West Cape. The SS Mildura was a livestock ship that sank on the reef during a hurricane in 1907. You can witness the remnants since they are barely 80 metres from the coast and can be seen at low tide. 

It is not simply the waves that have contributed to the continuous disintegration of the ship. During World War II, it was also utilized as a target practice facility.

Krait & Potshot MEMORIALS

These memorials are two of many reminders that Exmouth has a long military past, despite its current reputation as a gateway to the Ningaloo Reef. It is around 25 minutes from Exmouth to find them near Learmonth Airport. From the main road, there is a parking lot with a short walk to the memorials. Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.

The memorial remembers two campaigns and has explanatory information that is very detailed and fascinating. Even if you are not a fan of military history, the events described here are rather interesting in their own right. If it hasn’t already been done, The Krait’s hidden, high-risk, and ultimately successful mission is a story that should be made into a movie.

Four-wheel drive through a canyon

Explore Cape Range National Park’s steep gorges from the Shothole Canyon scenic road, 12 kilometers long. Shot holes were left in the ground after a series of staged small earthquakes as part of an oil prospecting effort in the early 1950s. Shothole Canyon’s unsealed road follows the gorge’s bottom and swings around to a breathtaking view of the Exmouth Gulf.

Check out the Megalodon tooth

Whale sharks haven’t always been the world’s largest sharks. See the fossilized Megalodon tooth, which proves that you would not have entered the ocean 23 million years ago.

Cuddle a joey

It’s not uncommon for kangaroos to have their joeys in their pouches when they’re hit, and the joeys survive the ordeal. Kangaroos are known for hopping into the line of oncoming traffic, and you would know this if you drove through the ranges around dusk. Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.

A group of dedicated volunteers at Exmouth Wildlife Care Group raise joeys until they are healthy enough for reintroduction into the wild. For more information on how you can visit and spend time with these innocent animals, visit this website: www.exmouthholidayhomes.com.au/exmouth-wildlife-care-group/  

Discover a bit of Americana in Australia

A basketball court, a movie theater, a baseball field, and a bowling alley are still intact at the Harold Holt military installation more than 20 years after the last American soldiers departed. See if you can find any long-term residents who can tell you tales about Exmouth’s time in the United States.

See the Ningaloo Reef from the Sky

Have you ever wished you could fly? A 30-, 60-, and 90-minute flight over Exmouth and the surrounding region is available now. The 30-minute flight just flies over Exmouth town and Exmouth Gulf. But the 60-minute flight flies across the Cape Range Canyons before flying over the Ningaloo Reef. And the 90-minute trip flies over all three.

Enjoy a SUP Session or Tour

Standup paddleboarding is perfect on the Ningaloo coast. There are soft SUPs for beginners and performance SUPs for more experienced paddlers available in town.

SUP classes and tours are available locally as well, making them an ideal Exmouth family activity.

Take a Freediving Course

When you think about it, holding your breath and diving down 20 meters can seem terrible, but it is incredibly calming and peaceful. Freediving is becoming more popular, and Exmouth is a terrific place to study and get certified if you’ve ever wanted to live like a mermaid.

A two-day level 1 course is the norm, and a few different institutions in town provide these classes. One of the many advantages of freediving is that it provides stress management, relaxation, and control of your breathing. Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.

In addition to all of that, it’s a lot of fun!

Learn How to Kitesurf

As one of the most popular kitesurfing places in Western Australia, kitesurfing is a great Exmouth activity. Make a reservation for a kitesurfing lesson and develop a new enthusiasm!

Alternatively, if you’re an experienced kitesurfer, bring your gear and check out Sandy Bay, Town Beach, or Graveyards, depending on the season.

Hiking in the Cape Range National Park

The first stop on our Exmouth must-do list is a visit to Cape Range National Park. Located west of Exmouth, this National Park has over 50,000 acres of rocky mountain ranges, gorgeous beaches, and jaw-dropping canyons to explore. Whatever your interests are, Cape Range National Park is a must-see, whether it’s for a single outing or a full day of exploration.

Visit Harold E Holt Naval Communication Station

Inshore from the SS Mildura wreck lies the Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Station. You’ll find Tower Zero at the communication station, which is the southern hemisphere’s tallest free-standing structure.

You can learn about the naval station’s involvement in World War II, marvel at the interactive exhibits, and understand how the site was in charge of transmitting signals between Australian and American command centers, ships, and submarines.

Yardie Creek Boat Tour

Exmouth’s Yardie Creek is a top attraction in the Cape Range National Park. Take a stroll or a boat ride around the park and look out for the region’s uncommon native creatures. The historic gorge is a sight to see, with its deep blue water and brilliant red cliffs.

Bring a camera, since the scenery is going to be spectacular.

Jurabi Turtle Centre

Being able to see turtles hatch in front of your eyes is something you’d expect to see only in nature films. No, you can have this once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Jurabi Turtle Centre. Every year, from November to March, you’ll get the chance to marvel at nature’s creations right in front of you during hatching season.

Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay is known as one of Australia’s best beaches, is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling. The white, sandy shores give way to stunning coral reef gardens just meters from the shore. This beach frequently tops the best beaches in the Western Australia list by Trip Advisor and is a drift snorkel spot for snorkel enthusiasts.

Yardie Creek

Cape Range National Park is a national park in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, 1,105 kilometers north of Perth. Yardie Creek is a spectacular gorge within the park where the water is trapped by a sandbar.

Charles Knife Canyon

Charles Knife Road in Cape Range National Park will take you up to the top of the spectacular ranges offering awesome views back into the Charles Knife Canyon, the gorges, and Exmouth Gulf. If you want to witness something magnificent then try to reach the top of the road at sunrise.

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, which is a major tourist attraction, is situated 17 km to the north of the settlement of Exmouth, Western Australia, overlooking Lighthouse Bay. The lighthouse is known as one of the few locations in Australia where both the sunrise and the sunset can be observed. The Ningaloo Lighthouse Holiday Park is situated close to the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Tourists are attracted by the landscape, the sunset, and whale watching. Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.

Ningaloo Center

The nationally accredited Ningaloo Visitor Centre is located in Ningaloo Centre located on Murat Road in Exmouth. The visitor Centre is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly locals who are here to help you make the most of your stay on the beautiful Ningaloo Coast.

Things to Do in Exmouth in June

Here are our top picks for things to do in Exmouth in June and Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.

Watch a Sunset from the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

The Vlamingh Head lookout is one of those few places where both sunsets and sunrises are visible over the sea. Set off a little early. Then, walk outside the lighthouse to check out their interpretive displays and panoramic views. But, the highlight of your visit would be the sunset.

Go Whale Watching

Whales like to rest a bit in Exmouth Gulf before returning south. You can watch them from the shore, or the Vlamingh Head lookout. You just might spot whales frolicking in the water. There are of course whale watching tours available

Drinks at the Froth Craft Brewery

Arguably, Froth Craft Brewery is Exmouth’s most famous watering hole. It is actually an award winning brewery. They rotate more than just 10 taps at any time. You won’t fall short of choices. The food is excellent and there will be live music.

Grab Some Warm Baked Good from Ningaloo Bakehouse

You can chase the winter chills away with some toasty, warm baked goods from the Ningaloo Bakehouse. They’ve been in existence since the 1960s. The staff is friendly, and the coffee warm and comforting.

Red Earth Safaris

Perth to Exmouth  Return

Exmouth is a coastal town located on the Coral Coast of Western Australia.  Exmouth, together with Coral Bay and surrounds make the Ningaloo Region which is the eco-adventure capital of Western Australia and one of the UNESCO listed World Heritage sites.  Seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of swimming alongside the world’s biggest fish, the whale sharks before you set off to Monkey Mia by coach!

The Hop on Hop off Pass Integrity Coach Lines

The hop on hop off pass for a coach along the southbound coastal services is the ideal solution for stopping along the route to explore this amazing region, an opportunity never to be missed!  The pass has a 12-month expiry period and is valid for travel in either direction.  You can also transfer to shuttle buses or tours to enjoy many side trips.

About the Hop on Hop off pass

The pass is ideal for the independent traveller/s who don’t wish to be tied to a tour group.  There’s nothing like a trip where you have the freedom to stay in each place for a time determined by you and to see and do the things that you wish to see and do. If you’ve been looking for a great way to see the fantastic west coast of Australia, our Hop on Hop off pass is the ideal solution. Integrity coach lines pricing

Backpacker Coach Tour to Exmouth This Whale Shark season

The journey by coach from Exmouth is approximately 500 Kilometers, with stopover breaks at Wooramel Roadhouse, from where you have to travel by car to reach Monkey Mia (approximately 230 km).  Integrity Coach Lines (Aust) Pty Ltd. is the tour operator of this route.  The coach service is operated once a week.  There are many options for car rentals from Wooramel to Monkey Mia. Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See.

Backpacker Bus Tour to Exmouth This Whale Shark season

Must see places on the way

1. Coral Bay

Named for its astonishing under-sea coral gardens, Coral Bay is a marine paradise and its attractions are many!

  • Swimming with marine life, especially with the world’s biggest fish
  • Quad bike trekking to secret beaches for drift snorkelling
  • Overnight cruising on the bay
  • Bottom fishing or deep-sea fishing
  • Learning to dive
  • Scenic flights
  • Glass bottom boat coral gardens viewing

2. Carnarvon Visitor Centre

The Carnarvon Visitor Centre is your one-stop touring shop, situated along the Exmouth to Wooramel coach route.  You can book accommodation, tours and coach service in this region through this center.

Some of the free things to engage are; Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour

  • The blowholes of Carnarvon
  • Drive along the fruit loop and checking out the farm stalls
  • Gascoyne Growers Market
  • Camping at Red Bluff
  • Picnicking around the Fascine
  • Walking the One Mile Jetty
  • Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Museum
  • Tramway Walk Trail
  • Heritage buildings and window shopping at High Street
  • Swim at Chinaman’s or Rocky Pool

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Visit Cape Range Park and Ningaloo Reef Tours

Perth to Exmouth Tours Exmouth Weather Exmouth is the gateway to Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Reef and there are a number of amazing things to do in Exmouth. Ningaloo stretches 260km along the WA coast, making it one of the longest fringing coral reef systems in the world, and the unique experience of diving on it, plus the allure of the whale sharks, is what draws people to Exmouth.

Not highly developed and the reef comes close to the Shore

Ningaloo Marine Park

Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See Whale Shark Tours

From the beginning of April to July every year huge but gentle whale sharks, the Whale sharks can be between four and 12 meters long, begin to appear in large numbers. Scuba diver is not necessary to dive and swim with the whale sharks. Tours leave from Tantabiddi and Coral Bay.

Cost of a Whale Shark tour

Costs vary from around $380 for a child and $450 for adults Ningaloo is much less developed for tourism than the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast, and it comes really close to the shore in some places; Just a few kicks from the beach brings you to the wall of the reef, with its 500 species of fish and 220 species of colorful corals. Swim close to the beach in the shallow waters of the protected lagoon.

Exmouth is backpacker friendly

Exmouth is backpacker orientated and operators are competitively priced. Shop around for bargains but remember that cheapest is not necessarily the best. There are several hostels and caravan parks around Exmouth, plus a selection of restaurants, shops, cafes and two pubs – Friday night discos at the Tav really go off. Exmouth is quite spread out and tends to be hot for walking around, so most accommodation centers provide frequent bus services or bike hire.

Camping in and around Exmouth

Campsites are allocated by CALM Rangers at the entrance of the park on a first come first served basis, but the only time you may have trouble finding a place is during school holidays. You can also fish at several of the sites, check with CALM (www.calm.wa.gov.au). Bring all your water and supplies from Exmouth, as there are no shops close by. For those seeking a few creature comforts with their camping, check out Eco Camps, who have safari tents just meters from the sea. Various boat trips and tours can be booked at Exmouth Visitor’s Centre, Ph: 9949 1176.

Water Sports Get Wet in Exmouth

If you’re in Exmouth, then you’re here to get wet, and what a place to do it. With an array of water-based activities on offer, miles of beach and pristine reef, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating, or just relaxing on the beach. Friendly local companies will take you snorkeling with whale sharks and fishing with the best. Whale sharks pass by from April to August, but the best time is late March-early July; check with your operator about what you can see at any given time

Attractions Cape Range National Park

Check out Cape Range National Park, a short drive or bus-ride away. Here you will find spectacular rocky gorges, carved by ancient rivers, and rugged scenery – a striking contrast to the clear blue seas, coral reefs, and white, sandy beaches of Ningaloo Marine Park. Take a boat trip along Yardie Creek and look out for rock wallabies, Kangaroos, and birds of prey.

Turquoise Bay fine beaches

Turquoise Bay fine beaches
Water as clear as air

On the way back be sure to visit Turquoise Bay, one of the finest beaches in WA, with pristine white sand, clear blue water and coral reef just meters from the shore, or just laze on the beach at Sandy Bay. The coastline that stretches between Yardie Creek and Lefroy Bay is one of the world’s major breeding areas for sea turtles, whose nocturnal nesting activity occurs between October and February, with the hatchlings emerging from their nests from mid-January to late April. The best beaches for turtle watching are the Mauritius, Jacobsz, Jansz beaches, and Turquoise Bay.

Exmouth Backpacker Tours Things To See. There are also some great surf breaks in the region, which the turtles, rays, and dolphins sometimes even join in on. There’s a reef break off-shore by the Vlamingh Lighthouse and a beach break near the Mildura Wreck. For the really keen, there is a wave about 1km off-shore from Yardie Creek – boats are recommended for this one. When driving through the Cape Range National Park lookout for emus, giant termite hills and kangaroos; for the sake of the wildlife, and your car, go slow and avoid driving at night. For a small fee, you can camp at selected sites along the beach, which are basic, with little shade and no fires allowed – but what a location. Perth to Exmouth Backpacker tours 

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