Perth to Broome Tour Return

Perth to Broome Tour Return
An amazing journey to enjoy your holiday.

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Broome to Perth via Kalbarri Karijini Ningaloo Monkey Mia Tour

West Coast Wanderlust – Broome to Perth – 18 days

Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop (Standard Double/Twin Room)

Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop (Private Single Ensuite)

Perth to Exmouth Adventure (8-day return)


Perth to Broome Tour Return to Perth overland awesome backpacker adventure tour.

Experience a Western Australian adventure

Beautiful beaches, wonderful cliffs, spectacular gorges, native fauna, infinite skies, a billion stars, crystal-clear oceans, coral reefs – your next adventure awaits you in Western Australia’s immense expanse. No matter whatever time of year you visit this beautiful country, there is always a tour to suit your style and budget.

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Perth to Broome Tour Return. This overland Experience gives you the best of Western Australia’s Coral Coast. Experience sandboarding down the white sand dunes of Lancelin. Let your guide fascinate you with a guided walk through the unique Pinnacles Desert.

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Kalbarri Monkey Mia and Coral Bay

Monkey Mia offers a unique chance to see wild dolphins in their natural habitat and to hand-feed them.

Hike the stunning Murchison Gorge in Kalbarri National Park. Encounter wild dolphins as they swim near the beach at Monkey Mia as they look food.  Visit Shark Bay or spend an entire day snorkeling at Coral Bay. But don’t miss the beautiful Cape Range National Park with 50km of stunning beaches in your hurry to see everything.

What does Perth to Broome Tour Return Experience offer you?

  • See the wonderful coastlines of Lancelin
  • Discover the exceptional Pinnacles Desert
  • Explore the stunning gorges of Kalbarri National Park
  • Hike to Natures Window and the Z Bend in Murchison Gorge
  • Wander along Shell Beach formed by  white Cockleshells
  • Experience the closest wild Dolphin encounter in Australia
  • Scenic country journey on your return to Perth
  • Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef at Coral Bay
  • Tour of Cape Range National Park
  • Swim at Turquoise Bay
  • Join a swim with Whale Shark tour May – July
  • Journey through the countryside back to Perth

Whale Shark Season

Whale shark tours from in Mid March to the end of September every year.

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Discover Australia’s West Coast and immerse yourself in its pristine beauty so explore canyons, deserts, secluded white sandy beaches to dolphins with WhyNotBus. All while exploring, camping, chatting, joking, and partying on.

Looking for your next adventure?

Embark on a memorable 10 day Perth to Broome Tour and make this Western Australia Safari the highlight of your year.

Kimberley Wild Expeditions

Traversing the West Coast of Australia is one of the greatest journeys you can take. For an authentic and comfortable experience, Kimberley Wild Expeditions provide a 10-day  Perth to Broome adventure where you’ll have the chance to visit all the highlights of Western Australia along the way.

Travel to Western Australia

Explore Kimberley wild

Nature will soothe you.

12 Day Perth to Broome Tour Highlights

  • Perth
  • The Pinnacles
  • Jurien Bay
  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Shell Beach
  • Monkey Mia
  • Coral Bay
  • Exmouth
  • Karijini National Park
  • Pilbara region
  • Kimberley Region
  • Broome

12 Day Perth to Broome Tour Overview

Departing from Perth, the discoveries kick off right from day one with a stop in the Pinnacles Desert. Marvel at a unique landscape of towering limestone formations. Then take to the sand dunes of Jurien Bay on a sandboard and drive on to Kalbarri.

Day Two

You spend the start of your second day in Kalbarri National Park, admiring the dramatic scenery of the Murchison Gorge, Natures Window, and Z-Bend Gorge, where you can go swimming or abseiling. It’s then onto Shell Beach – one of only two in the world made entirely out of shells.

Day Three

Come day three, it’s time to meet the wild dolphins of Monkey Mia, view the fascinating stromatolites of Hamelin Pool, and then travel up to Coral Bay, home of the spectacular underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef.

Next Stop Exmouth.

After a day in the crystal clear waters of Coral Bay, you make your way to Exmouth for snorkeling in Turquoise Bay, swimming with whale sharks (when in season and at own expense), and to spot hopping kangaroos.

Amazing Water Falls Gorges and Pools

With amazing gorges, waterfalls, and natural pools, you get to spend the next three days in Karijini National Park, Western Australia’s outback oasis formed more than 2.5 million years ago. On a penultimate day on the West Coast Safari, as a result, you continue onwards to the Pilbara region for a night in an outback station.

Amazing Water Falls Gorges and Pools Perth to Broome
Jump into the water and have fun!

Day Ten

Your 10th and final day is spent enjoying the white sands of the breathtaking Eighty Mile Beach, followed by your arrival into the Kimberley region and Broome.

12 Day Perth to Broome Tour Cost

12 Day Perth to Broome Tour costs from $2995pp.
The West Coast Safari is 10 days of adventure in Western Australia. In other words, complete with luxury camping (including ensuite options), an experienced guide, meals, and national park entry, you can add on activities such as abseiling, scenic flights and quad bike rides to make your experience even more memorable.

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12 Day Perth to Broome Tour Dates

Departs Mondays: May – October
Departs Saturdays: May – September
Departs (selected) Thursdays: June – July

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