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Perth to Broome Tours Visit Monkey Mia

Perth to Broome tours

Perth to Broome Tours Visit Monkey Mia and the Dolphins

Monkey Mia is North of Perth in Western Australia

Forget its primate name, you’re in prime dolphin spotting and marine exploits territory. Situated north of Perth, you can either reach this little coastal paradise by air – a two-hour flight from Perth, or 90 minutes from Geraldton – or you can road trip it up, either with an organized tour or in a 4WD. Either way, it makes for a great stop on your travels from Perth or the other way from Darwin. Monkey Mia resides 25 km northeast of the town of Denham in the Shark Bay Marine Park and World Heritage Site.

“Mia” Means shelter in the local Aboriginal

This settlement’s name originates from the aboriginal word for shelter “mia” and the monkey part is thought to be from a boat that used to moor up nearby, named, “Monkey.” So that’s that mystery solved.

Perth to Broome Tours Visit Monkey Mia Dolphins Sharks and Dugongs

Monkey Mia is located in one of the most pristine marine environments in the world, so don’t leave the tiny settlement without taking a look at the place from the water. Whilst you’re in town, you can go on a number of excursions for all your wildlife spotting needs. Perhaps take to a catamaran where you’ll most likely come into contact with dolphins, rays, turtles, sharks, and dugongs. The calm waters of the bay also mean no sea-sickness. So there’s no excuse to miss out.

Bottle-nosed dolphins

You may well have seen the famous photos of people hand-feeding dolphins in the shallows, and believe us, they haven’t been anywhere near Photoshop. For over 50 years, dolphins have been swimming into the shallows and making contact with the humans. And due to this reason, a great deal of research has been carried out on the bottle-nosed dolphins. Strangely, only the female dolphins come into the shallows, but they are trusting enough to bring their babies and their visits are now a daily ritual.

Perth to Broome Tours Visit Monkey Mia meet Wild Dolphins

Perth to Broome Tours Visit Monkey Mia

The dolphins, which are completely wild and come in of their own accord, take food from the hands of tourists in knee-deep water, watched over by calm rangers, who protect the animal from overexposure to humans – which can lead to a loss of natural feeding skills and interruption to breeding patterns. So don’t get carried away and think you can ride off into the sunset on the back of Flipper. It ain’t gonna happen.

Perth to Broome via Monkey Mia Lots to See and Do.

There are plenty of activities you can get involved in whilst visiting Monkey Mia. First up on the list is, of course, feeding the dolphins. You just have to do this once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list task. Secondly, a great way to explore the area is on the back of a camel… you know if you want to keep the air of exotic adventure really alive. If you want to experience even more animal encounters then make sure you sail over the Shotover, here you’ll meet some of the world’s rarest creatures, the manatee-like dugongs.

Aboriginal Cultural Walk Monkey Mia

If you really want to indulge in local culture then be sure to go on the Aboriginal Cultural Walk. Here you’ll discover how the local Malgana people have survived in Gathaagudu (the Aboriginal name for Shark Bay, meaning ‘two waters’) for thousands of years. You’ll learn the secrets of bush survival including bush tucker and bush medicine.

Glass Bottom Boat Sea Kayak Experience in Monkey Mia

Of course, if you fancy getting wet in the pristine waters, then you may want to indulge in some snorkeling, or just cruise along in a sea-kayak. If you’re a little more of a land-lubber then you can find glass-bottom boat tours that’ll enable you to explore the depths without whacking on a wetsuit.

Book a local Tour

Ocean Park Aquarium

The Ocean Park Aquarium near Denham is an exciting ecotourism venture that gives visitors the opportunity to see and learn about the wonders of the marine environment. Opened in July 2000, Ocean Park is now a popular tourist attraction as well as recognized conservation and marine research facility.

Perth to Broome Tours Visit Monkey Mia


Join us for an adventure and excitement in Shark Bay and is a mecca for nature lovers around the world.

The region is an excellent four-wheel driving area, with red sand dunes covered by acacia and surrounded,  by the beautiful waters of the Shark Bay World Heritage area.   Dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches complete the picturesque natural landscape.

Shark Bay Car Hire

Whether you are traveling for Business or for Pleasure Shark Bay Car Hire has you covered with a range of vehicles to suit your needs!

With Rex Airlines now flying into Monkey Mia airport making it more accessible and affordable than ever to visit this magical part of the world, we can help give you the freedom you need to explore at your leisure. We offer a professional friendly service and will go out of our way to help you get the most out of your time here.

Didgeridoo Dreaming – Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures

Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures operates a Didgeridoo Dreaming night tour, kayaking and snorkelling tours, and 4WD adventures  tours designed like no other to explore the cultural ties of the local Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal people to Gutharraguda (local Aboriginal name for Shark Bay meaning ‘Two Waters’).

Paddle Boarding (SUP) – Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures

Wula Guda Nyinda tour company hires out paddle boards – great fun for the whole family! Contact us for information.

Monkey Mia Cruises

Join a cruise aboard the awesome 18 metre sailing catamaran Aristocat 2 and watch dolphins and dugongs and marine life in the wild at Monkey Mia. The only boat licensed by Department Parks and Wildlife to enter the Restricted Mammal Interaction Zone.

Shark Bay Aviation

Scenic flights of Shark Bay and surrounding areas, day trips to outstanding destinations, plus general air charters to your choice of destinations.

Shark Bay Boat Hire

Shark Bay Boat Hire

Hire-and-drive boat hire in Shark Bay. Provided ready to run, perfect for you to explore  Shark Bay’s awesome sea scapes, isolated bays and prolific sealife.

4WD & Camping – Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures

Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures operates a Didgeridoo Dreaming night tour, kayaking and snorkelling tours, and 4WD adventures  tours designed like no other to explore the cultural ties of the local Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal people to Gutharraguda (local Aboriginal name for Shark Bay meaning ‘Two Waters’).

Shotover Sailing Cruises

Sail one of the world’s most important animal behavioural research sites. Year round there are friendly dolphins, shy green turtles and huge loggerhead turtles. The warmer months bring in herds of dugong, tiger and hammerhead sharks, sea-snakes, stingrays, schools of bait fish, tuna and mackerel, flying and skipping fish, and internationally migrating birds.

4WD Self Drive Hire – Wicked Campers

$299 **24 hour** rental 5 seater 4WD & Rooftop Tent!

Francois Peron National Park is an untouched coastal wonderland where red sand cliffs meet pure white sandy beaches and azure blue water.  With numerous crystal clear lagoons, abundant sea life, emus and kangaroos is a real 4WD Adventure!

Shark Bay Harley Tours

Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre

Showcasing internationally inspired collections with today’s interactive technology, the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre is a ‘must see’ on any travellers itinerary. Its a self guided tour and your entry fee includes  a multi  day pass so if you don’t manage to get through all the displays you can return again to continue your Shark Bay journey (just keep your receipt)

Here you can discover the ‘real’ Shark Bay, full of natural wonders, world heritage, adventure and historic treasures of Dutch, English and French explorers from as early as 1616.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling – Ocean Park

You’ll view the stunning beauty of Shelter Bay, take in the Zuytdorp Cliffs, see Steep Point and even set foot on Dirk Hartog Island.

We’ll also get you in the water for a snorkel at a picturesque spot over lunch.  Our skipper and guides are full of knowledge about the area and to make your journey even more enjoyable.

You’ll receive a marine life briefing on the local wildlife and a maritime history briefing and  all your snorkelling equipment will be provided as well as a scrumptious lunch.

Kayak & Snorkel – Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures

Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures operates a Didgeridoo Dreaming night tour, kayaking and snorkelling tours, and 4WD adventures  tours designed like no other to explore the cultural ties of the local Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal people to Gutharraguda (local Aboriginal name for Shark Bay meaning ‘Two Waters’).

Shark Bay Coastal Tours

Shark Bay UNESCO World Heritage Area

Today Shark Bay is recognised as one of the most remarkable places on Earth. It was placed on the World Heritage list in 1991, and satisfies all four of the natural criteria: Major stages of the world’s evolutionary history; Geological and biological processes; Natural beauty; and Threatened species.

Plan to spend time exploring the natural beauty of the bays, inlets and islands, and discovering rare plants, mammals and birds found only in this area. This is a destination for adventures too, for all ages and thrill levels. Choose from 4WD tours, sailing cruises, fishing charters and scenic flights, or just take time out to soak up the warm beaches and clear waters.

Denham, Monkey Mia and indeed all of Shark Bay have something special to offer, so make sure you ask at your accommodation reception or at the Shark Bay World Heritage Discover & Visitor Centre for more information.

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Old Historic Telegraph Station

The Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station was built in 1884 and became an important link in the telegraph line between Perth and Roebourne.

The fascinating history of the telegraph station can be relived by taking a tour of the museum which features relics from the days when the site was a repeater station on the Old Telegraph Line. A small entrance fee applies.

Shark Bay Coastal Tours

Shark Bay Coastal Tours is a family-owned tour company offering unique 4-wheel drive adventures in the Shark Bay and Denham region.

Half and full day charters depart from either Denham or Monkey Mia and offer you the chance to learn about local culture, explore amazing remote beaches and walk through awe-inspiring World Heritage and National Park areas.

Accommodation around Monkey Mia

There’s plenty to see and do whilst you’re in this amazing part of Australia, so you may want to arrange some accommodation. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, then head to the Shark Bay Tourism Association website, where you can browse through plenty of options ahead of your visit. Or alternatively, click here for more accommodation information

Ultimately, the best way to visit the west coast is on Perth to Broome Adventure Tours and whilst you are exploring this incredible half of Australia, make sure you find yourself comfy in our top picks of the Best Hostels in Western Australia.

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