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Western Australia provides the backdrop for seemingly endless travelling adventures, but its size requires some determination and planning. Even its major city of Perth is the furthest removed in the world, surrounded by the dry, desolate land that we have all come to know as the Outback. But it’s this point entirely that makes Western Australia the number one backpacking destination in Australia.

Bus Tours Perth to Darwin, which costs $500 – $850 and takes 3 days

Pinnacles Desert Tours

Nambung National Park 

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Pinnacles Tours Cost From $140

Day trip From Perth to the Pinnacles, Nambung National Park is at its best during September and October when the wildflowers are blooming and the wattles stretch from horizon to horizon. The park is interesting year-round.

Perth to Broome Tours Perth to Darwin Backpacker visit the Pinnacles the desert is just under 200km north of Perth. For an ideal weekend away from the city or simply a day trip. Visit the astonishing limestone rock formations that stick out of the ground like termite mounds, supposedly created by sands blowing inland. They create eerie shadows as the sunset and dwarf any visitor with their gigantic height, making for the perfect photo opportunity.

Perth to Broome Tours Vist Ningaloo Reef

Exmouth Whale Shark Tours March to August 2020

A further 1000km along the coast of WA and you reach the Ningaloo Reef, a world away from the barren landscape of the Outback. Rich in marine life, the Ningaloo begs to be snorkelled, swam and explored as the coral lights up in oranges, purples and pinks. Stretching for 260km, it may not be as big as the Great Barrier Reef but it is just as striking and far less populated by tourists.

5 Things to do in Exmouth

Tour prices in Australia
Adult $280 to 295
Child $220 to 245
Proof of age may be required
Swim with the Whale Sharks
Cost $385 to 410


Wave Rock

Perth to Wave Rock Tours

Another astounding rock formation that makes most gawp in awe is Wave Rock. A beautiful creation of nature, it spans 110m and reaches awesome heights of 15m. The beautiful curve is due to erosion of the softer rock below creating the impression of a wave ready to crash, only to be frozen in time. Believed to be 2700 million years old, to be in the presence of this mighty beast is quite an experience!

Perth to Broome Tours Perth to Darwin Backpacker Tours Explore Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park has an ancient landscape of gorges, waterfalls and pools to refresh and cool your feet, you may think you’ve stepped back in time with a tour through Karijini. With over 600,000 hectares to explore and 1400km northeast of Perth, it takes some driving and can be difficult to know where to start. Delve into Hancock Gorge for beautifully-crafted rock pools, capture an amazing view from Oxer Lookout and dip your toe into the natural spa pool of Hammersley Gorge.

Stay in Karijini

Perth to Broome Tours Perth to Darwin Backpacker Tours Broome

Climbing even further north (it just keeps going!), you can find some respite from the journey with a visit to Broome. An idyllic seaside town with a rich history in pearling, you can find camel rides on peaceful Cable Beach, do a spot of shopping or sample the local eateries. Here, you can discover the unique ‘Staircase to The Moon’, where the exposed tidal flights light up after nightfall to create an illusion of reaching up to the moon.

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