Perth to Walpole Tours

Perth to Walpole Tours

Walpole has plenty of places to see and there are many proud locals who want to show you the sights. You will see all the secret spots and have the best trip possible.

Nornalup National Park

Located within the Walpole Nornalup National Park between Denmark and Walpole is an attraction, the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. This spectacular lightweight suspension bridge soars 40 meters, before descending to the Ancient Empire Walk at the base of the trees.

The Ancient Empire walk meanders through a grove of veteran trees at ground level and gives visitors another perspective of these splendid trees.

Drive through Karri Forest

It winds through some of the south-west’s most magnificent karri forest and Pemberton’s natural attractions See Beedelup Falls from the suspension bridge, go bushwalking in old-growth forest, or fishing, or just sit and take in nature.

The Karri Forest Drive starts just outside the historic timber town of Pemberton, but you can join it at several points along the way, depending on which way you’re traveling, or where you’re staying.

Circular Pool

The Frankland River Circular Pool is attractive all year, both for the falls in winter and the large, tranquil pool in summer. A short stroll leads to viewing platforms and a boardwalk along the edge of the Circular Pool. Stunning outlook, huge rocks to climb if you wish.

Giant Tingle Tree

Three kilometers from Frankland River, Nornalup Inlet, and the Southern Ocean will bring you to the car park of the Giant Tingle Tree. From here starts an 800m circular walk which leads down to the Giant Tingle Tree and the boardwalk that protects it. At 24 meters, this is the largest, living, girthed eucalypt known in the world.

Mandalay Beach

Mandalay is popular with anglers, but even if you do not fish, it’s worth the visit for the spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and of Chatham Island, which looms out of the water 3 kilometers offshore.

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