Student Jobs in Perth

Temporary Job in Perth

If you need to make some extra cash while you are studying, the best way to do it will be to find a part time job which is most suitable for you. Get yourself into voluntary work, mentoring programs and industry placements which will help you obtain some highly useful skills such as communication skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, time management and emotional intelligence.

Where to Find Part-Time Work in Perth

When looking for part time employment, you will find a wide range of industries which will be offering employment opportunities for students. Find the one which will be most flexible with the study hours and classes you have to attend. The most popular part time work opportunities for students arise in restaurants, service industries, retail stores and supermarkets. However there are certain methods which you can use to find such available vacancies at the time you are looking for a job.

  • Visit company websites to view available job offers for part time employment
  • Search for various positions advertised in print media
  • Utilise your contact networks as well as social media networks to find employers willing to take on part time staff
  • Gain access to a suitable recruitment agency which provides part time job opportunities for students

What the Pay would be like

Some of the key positions and the probable pay which you can expect is as follows.

  • Tutor: high School Students – $17.50 – $25.00 an hour
  • English Teacher – $3,000 – $5,500 a month
  • Music Tutor – $25 – $60 an hour
  • Education Administration Officer – $28 – $32 an hour
  • Kitchen Hand – $32 – 40 an hour
  • Machine Operator – $30 – $45 an hour
  • Picker – $20 – $30 an hour
  • Filing Clerk – $32 – 40 an hour
  • Theatre Booking Officer – $30 – 43 an hour

Hospitality jobs