Things To Do in Joondalup for Kids

Things To Do in Joondalup for Kids

Here are our top picks for Things To Do in Joondalup for Kids.

Spend a Few Hours in Hillarys Boat Harbour

Take them swimming in the swimming lagoon. It is safe and great for families. And, there are plenty of restaurants around for after swimming hunger pangs. There are plenty of things for the kids to do and see. All in all, it is a great family environment.

Things To Do in Joondalup for Kids Meet Sea Creatures at AQWA

Located on the Hillarys Boat Harbour, AQWA offers a pretty decent underwater adventure. The kids will love up close views of ‘Nemo’ and his friends. The adventure includes a walk-through experience as well as tanks full of seahorses, anemones and sea-slugs.

Go To The Neil Hawkins Park

The Neil Hawkins Park is a lovely spot with birds twittering and even some friendly kookaburras. The park’s large lake is alive with wildlife, and the adjacent tarmac footpath is safe for cycling and walking. The play area is designed mainly for younger kids. But, the older ones can run around to their heart’s content in that enormous space. There are plenty of BBQs for those who wish to grill some meat.

Play Laser Tag at Darklight Laser Games

Admittedly, you can only take older kids (above 6 years of age) to the Darklight Laser Games. But, boy, won’t they love it. The purpose-built arena is over 575 square meters large. The arena is complete with ramps, towers, and bridges. All you have to do is, wear your bodysuit, clutch your phaser, and off you go to have fun Things To Do in Joondalup for Kids and have an unforgettable day.

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