What’s on in Fremantle Live Gigs?

What’s on in Fremantle Live Gigs

Fremantle has diverse and dedicated music scenes. You will appreciate the talent of many buskers on the Fremantle Streets. You will also get an opportunity to enjoy music every day of the week in numerous hotels and bars. Each of these locations will help you to enjoy your time in Fremantle in a friendly and interesting environment.


Fero is a vibrant and live location throughout the week. Weekends will be pulsating as many will come to enjoy life and socialize. You can join in the dance, festival, music event, top class concert, and performance. You can also learn to perform or play musical instruments here in Fremantle.

Each of the bars in Fremantle is great at showcasing their own unique atmosphere. Each of them offers a unique slice of the Freo passion everywhere you go.  Live music venues in Fremantle have one thing in common. They are very strong supporters of the international and Australian Music scene.

Live Music

You will feel a celebratory atmosphere all around as you stroll through Fremantle. You will see buskers perform outside the Markets of Fremantle. In the Esplanade Park, as you wander along the vibrant fishing harbor, take a break at the bustling Cappuccino Strip and shop at the unique boutique shops.

Fremantle Nightlife

You can do much during an Evening in Fremantle. You can go to nightclubs, pubs, breweries and licensed hotels, comedy clubs to listen to live gigs on offer. Fremantle’s pubs, breweries, and licensed hotels are among the best in Western Australia.

Fremantle for a Live, Vibrant Music Scene

Fremantle boasts of a musical scene that is vibrant with many local performers and many venues to perform. The live music venues include the fly by night club, Mojo’s Clancy’s Fish Pub, Fremantle Arts Centre, all hosting, touring, and local performers.

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