5 Things to Do in and Around Melbourne Victoria

5 Things to Do in and Around Melbourne Victoria

Best 5 Things to Do in and Around Melbourne Victoria Today

Drink Coffee visiting Melbourne

Coffee just can’t get away from you when visiting Melbourne! Never before has a city been so in love with coffee, this place really is the ultimate coffee culture. Sip on Melbourne’s finest coffee while exploring the top attractions in and around Melbourne Victoria. Since coffee is a social drink, it’s also a good way to meet new people and make friends! 

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The Culture of Aboriginal Art Melbourne

There are several Aboriginal art galleries in and around Melbourne, as well as an extensive collection of Aboriginal art in the City Gallery, the Flinders Lane Gallery, the Ian Potter Museum of Art and NGV International. Aboriginal art is internationally praised for its beauty and symbolism, and Melbourne is an excellent place to learn about the importance of art in indigenous culture and the beauty of works of art.

Block Arcade Shopping Melbourne

The Block Arcade is a commercial centre located in a beautiful heritage shopping arcade, opened in 1892. Rich in history and beautiful architecture, the Block Arcade is a leap into the nostalgia of the past, as well as home to some lovely luxury boutiques, and the eccentric Art Gallery of Dr Seuss, the Hopetoun tearooms and Haigh’s chocolates.

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Walk the City in Melbourne

Seeing that those who live in Melbourne are always down for a boogie, always smiling and laughing at peace signs, they have had plenty of time to create what has been called the most vibrant city in the world. Make sure to check out Chapel Road, St. Kilda, Brunswick and the CBD to get the best out of the clubs, bars and restaurants. In fact, within walking distance of a weekend road trip, there are wonderful parks and beaches to enjoy.

Enjoy Great Music in Melbourne

Because people living in Melbourne are usually quite an alternative, this also brings a little spice to their music scenes. Every music, style and sound is played in the streets of this incredible city. There’s something so exciting to know that every night there’s a chance to see something amazing!!

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