Best Beaches for Snorkelling in Melbourne

Best Beaches for Snorkelling in Melbourne

Best Beaches for Snorkelling in Melbourne This Summer

Snorkle Blairgowrei Pier, Mornington Peninsula

In the southeastern corner of Port Phillip Bay is the lively underwater community of Blairgowrie Pier.

Giant Spiders crabs

Stick to the shallows near the shore to meet weedy sea dragons, or head further out for colourful sponges, schools of fish and crustaceans. Away from the pylons, the bay’s sandy floor provides ample gliding room for rays and flathead.  

Snorkle Kitty Miller Bay, Phillip Island near Melbourne

Kitty Miller Bay, a horseshoe in Phillip Islands south-western corner, is one of the island’s best-protected beaches. Its 500 meters of shoreline shelter vast rock platforms, seaweed gardens, and seagrass bustling with zebrafish, leather jackets, rays, sharks.  

Bunurong Marine National Park, Near Inverloch

Hugging the coastline for five kilometers, Bunurong Marine Park gives you a diverse variety of habitats. Explore caves and gullies to pools, reefs, and ledges. More than 87 species of fish live here, including blue-throated wrasse, old wife and Tasmanian blenny, as well as a bunch of sharks.

Snorkel St Leonards Pier, Bellarine Peninsula

One of the most interesting places to snorkel southwest of Melbourne is St Leonards Pier. This juts into Port Phillip Bay at the end of the Bellarine Peninsula. Over the years, the pylons have attracted many underwater creatures. On a typical afternoon, you’ll see seahorses, nudibranchs, pufferfish, stargazers, and rays, and more.  

Snorkel Half Moon Bay, Black Rock

When you’re keen to get underwater, but don’t have much time on your hands, grab your snorkel and head to Half Moon Bay, on the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay, in Black Rock. The underwater terrain varies from jetty pylons to rocky reefs to seagrass beds.  

Snorkle Merri Marine Sanctuary

If you’ve never seen a weedy sea dragon up close, you’d likely think they were a mythical creature. But rest assured, they do actually exist. One of the best places to get up close with them is along the Western Coast of Victoria in the Merri Marine Sanctuary in Warrnambool.

Explore ex-HMAS Canberra Recreation Reserve

If exploring shipwrecks is your thing, a drive into Portsea on the tip of the Mornington Peninsula is well worth it. Divers can swim through flight decks, bridge, engine rooms, galley and the accommodation quarters. The ex-HMAS Canberra is offshore from Ocean Grove and accessible via licensed tour operators from Queenscliff Harbour or Portsea.

Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park

For beginner divers and snorkelers, there are some spectacular granite boulders at Little Oberon Bay where large schools of fish, turtles and colourful invertebrates can be found among the floating kelp. Above water, little penguins, fur seals, wombats and birdlife lounge about.

Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park

Popes Eye, in particular, is a fantastic sheltered experience perfect for beginner divers while Portsea Hole and the Point Lonsdale Wall offer spectacular diving for the more experienced. Nearby Chinaman’s Hat is a high-traffic area for fur seals keen to soak up the sunshine on the rocks as well as for pods of dolphins regularly swimming through.

Snorkle Diamond Bay Sorrento

Diamond Bay is a sparkling ocean beach tucked away behind several blocks of holiday homes. It has many rock ledges and overhangs, kelp beds, reefs, and small walls. In these is a variety of life including the odd crayfish! You’ll also find old wives, boarfish, abalone, and schooling fish.

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