Darwin To Perth Overland Tours Via The Back Roads

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Why take the trip

From Darwin all the way to Perth you can get the best dose of authentic Australia and discover sights that will blow you away. So get off the beaten track and experience one of the Darwin to Perth Overland tours via the back roads where you can discover some of the most stunning sceneries that Western Australia boasts of. From raw desert landscapes to coastlines that are stunning night or day, this is a trip that will linger in your memories long after you have left the place


Life in the end is all about the journey. The Darwin to Perth Overland tours is long no doubt but these tours are more about the journey than the destination. When you cover such a vast distance at a very slow pace it is almost as if you make each city en route to Darwin a mini destination. When you choose one of the Darwin to Perth Overland tours, you are usually provided with a guide and the local knowledge that they come with is gold. So camp under the starts and savour the red earth so characteristic to this location. This trip gives you an opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature like never before.


The Darwin to Perth overland tours may seem a little rough and raw but your experience with this tour will connect you to the core of nature. Accommodation on a typical tour is multi share and there are usually no private rooms. Most nights you will literally be camping in the middle of nowhere using tents and nothing but basic necessities. Although conditions may sound really basic, this is all part of the adventure. For hours on end you may see long stretches sparse desert. If you come across such scenes crank up the music and learn to appreciate the beauty in whatever is before you. Darwin To Perth Overland Tours Via The Back Roads.

What to bring

Remember this is not your luxury 5 star tour or even a typical basic tour for that matter. Rather this is the closest you will get to nature in any tour. Expect walking- lots of it, climbing, uneven terrains, mud, rain and the whole works. To embark on one of the Darwin to Perth overland tours you will need a reasonable level of stamina and agility. A little walking and staying active will help you avoid aches and pains that are typical to sudden over exertion. You can also aid your excursions by packing the right type of footwear which should be both sturdy as well as comfortable. Remember comfort is a huge priority in this excursion.


Weather is something you need to be prepared for especially when it comes to tours that cuts across regional Australia. Unlike cities like Melbourne and Sydney that you may be more accustomed to, temperatures in regional Australia can feel harsh and rather extreme. To mitigate the ill effects of the strong weather conditions it is best to come prepared to beat the heat. The afternoons in particular can be very sunny so dress appropriately, bring adequate sun-block, wear the right shades and drink lots of water. There have been cases of sunstroke in these areas so it is best to stay thoroughly hydrated.

Travel to Western Australia


The Darwin to Perth overland tours will take you across some of the most beautiful regions in Australia. There are so many names and places that you will be surprised at the treasures that this part of Australia has in store. The Kimberley for instance is one of the most remarkable places you will come across in this tour. Then there is the magnificent Lake Argyle, Karijini National Park, Exmouth, Coral Bay, Monkey Mia, Kalbarri and the list goes on and on; each place fascinating you in its own way.

Perth to Darwin Overland adventure tours 

Darwin To Perth Overland Tours Via The Back Roads