Day trip from Perth to Rottnest Island

Discover Rottnest Island This September

Day trip from Perth to Rottnest Island go cycling or just walk the island

Rottnest Island is a place where you can experience a wide range of natural pleasures. Starting with rocky coves, the sunbaked shores, the sandy beaches, whale watching, hiking, snorkeling and watching out for wildlife are just some of the pleasures offered by this island. Situated just one hour away from Perth, this is a great place to get away from the noise and bustle of the city to enjoy the nature at its best.

Day trip from Perth to Rottnest Island Wildlife Watching

The wildlife on this island is large, which is the major reason for the popularity it has gained from tourists. There are tiny quokkas who can be observed in the wild, and you will have an enjoyable time playing with these tiny creatures. If you are more into the life in the water, there will be Humpback whales as well as Southern Right Wales who you can see during the time of their migration period. Be on the lookout also for some ospreys and wedge-tailed shearwaters who will mostly be along the West End boardwalk. Want to know more? Well, the wildlife on the island doesn’t end there of course. There are New Zealand Fur Seals, Marbled Geckos, exotic birdlife, White-Striped Freetail Bats and Green Turtles on this island as well. Time to enjoy watching these creatures!

Day trip from Perth to Rottnest Island you can go on a Self-Guided Tours

The island also offers some self-guided tours where you can book your bike and the snorkelling gear which you need to explore the island on your own. Be amazed at the mesmerizing views offered, such as the secluded little bays and the beaches and get back into nature. Feeling the wind on your face while you cycle the island and the feeling of the cold water when snorkelling under water will be enough to make you content with the tour you experienced.
You will never regret it, once you experience these truly amazing views yourself, so why not try it while you are here?