Day Trips from Perth by Train Rockingham Guildford Swan Valley Fremantle

Day Trips from Perth by Train

Now that travel rules have been relaxed its time to explore places near Perth and help the local tourism Industry.

Day Trips from Perth by Train Rockingham Guildford Swan Valley Fremantle

Day Trips from Perth by Train To Rockingham

Day Trip to Guildford

Day Trips to The Swan Valley

Day trip to Fremantle

Day Trips from Perth by Train Penguin Island

Visit the island by taking the Mandurah Line train from Perth Central, and getting off at Rockingham Station. There will be ferries from the Discovery Centre each hour which you can take to visit the island. Seeing the smallest penguins in the world will be the most memorable experience of your life. They will be waddling around on the island, and you can even observe these cuties being fed. This natural home also hosts other wildlife like whales, pelicans, and dolphins as well and you can swim and snorkel while watching these penguins.

Day Trips from Perth by Train Historic Guildford

Get on to the trail by getting on to the Midland Line train from Perth Central and then get out at the Guildford Station. The trail will begin at the historic Guilford. You can explore this town established in 1829, which has many picturesque 19th-century architecture. The Gothic Revival St Matthews church and Taylor’s Cottage are some of the must-see places in town.   

Day Trips from Perth by Train visit The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail

Being accessible by train, this is a great tour that you can do to sample some food and wine tastings that are offered on this tour. There are a large number of wineries, distilleries, breweries and cafes which you will get to visit during this tour. Stop at any place which you are intrigued by. Enjoy the tastings offered of wines, cheeses, chocolates, and other food items and be prepared to enjoy the divine tastes offered.

Contemporary Art of Fremantle

Get a train from Perth Central to visit the Fremantle Station, which will be the final stop on the Fremantle line. Visit the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, which has six exhibition spaces offered for the different types of experimental artists. Here you can enjoy the shows of art which are on rotation throughout the year.