Mandurah Western Australia destination for working holiday visa holders

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Mandurah Western Australia destination for working holiday visa holders

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If you are looking to move to Western Australia, you may be surprised to know that there are many other cities to live in other than Perth. Although Perth may seem to be an ideal prospect when you are looking to migrate or looking for a place to live in for a few months, Perth has a higher living cost when compared with other cities in Western Australia.

Perth does come with many benefits that include great schools, better job opportunities, better higher education chances, and a beach lifestyle. But Mandurah also has many benefits that you should consider.

Commuting to Mandurah

Mandurah is just 73 km away from Perth. It will only take an hour’s drive to reach Perth. There is also a rail link to Perth city. If you don’t mind traveling to Perth, living in Mandurah can turn out to be an ideal option due to is cheap rental and amazing lifestyle.

Spectacular Nature

Mandurah is a city that is surrounded by nature and waterways, and you can escape into the spectacular nature on offer in this Western Australian city. You can also spot dolphins in the waterways on a regular basis.

Job opportunities

Mandurah has a good amount of jobs if you are on the lookout to move to Australia. The city has amenities that are found in many of the major cities. You will be able to find work in the fields of trade and health care if you decide to move to Mandurah. Being a tourist town there is a high demand for jobs in the hospitality industry in and near Mandurah

Cost effective living

With many affordable restaurants, bars, and local markets, it is possible to eat and drink in a cost-effective manner. If you are looking to get around, even taxis are very affordable. So, if you are looking for a lifestyle that is similar to Perth without the high price tag, Mandurah is a good option for you.


Rental are cheap in Mandurah and you can rent a 3 bed house for $250 a week.

If you are looking to move near Perth Mandurah can be the best option due to the above reasons. 

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