How to Find a Temporary Job in Perth?

Temporary Job in Perth

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia where you can embrace the best of both worlds, where soft-sand beaches and scenic parks meet a thriving metropolis of small bars, creative restaurants, and curated street art. If you want to live and work in Perth this will guide you to find a temporary job in Perth until you settle down.

Temporary Job Market in Perth

Most Australian companies in Perth employ temporary or casual staff at some time (around 50 percent on a regular basis), particularly in clerical positions when staff are sick or on holiday, for special projects and to supplement permanent employees. Casual workers are usually employed on a daily, first-come-first-served basis. The work often entails hard labouring.

Working Holidaymakers

Temporary work in Perth particularly applies to foreigners with working holidaymaker visas, which permit you to work for any employer for up to three months. It isn’t easy to find temporary or casual work and you often need to hustle to get a job and may require experience or qualifications. It’s important to ensure that you have sufficient funds to tide you over until you can find work.

Farm Work

The easiest work to find is on farms, usually picking fruit or vegetables. Pay varies considerably (from excellent to poor) and is either an hourly rate or, more often, piece work, where the more you pick the more you earn. Doing piece work you can earn around $100 per day, although you need to work between 50 and 80 hours per week, possibly seven days a week. You can walk in the farms and ask for work.

Work at Stores

Well, known department and chain stores are generally the best employers in Perth. Avoid jobs offering unpaid ‘trial’ periods, which is illegal and is usually simply a con trick to get you to work for nothing. You should also avoid door-to-door selling requiring advance payment (e.g. $200) for sample kits (selling them is how some companies make their money) and jobs which pay only commission.

Visitoz Scheme

Visitors to Australia with working holiday visas may be interested in the Visitoz Scheme, which is a work placement scheme designed particularly with working holiday visa holders in mind. Those who are accepted by the selection process for the scheme are guaranteed jobs and on-the-spot training during their stay in Australia.

Job search engines

Other than physically searching for jobs as mentioned above, searching online for a temporary job in Perth has a good chance to land you the chance. Here are some job opportunities for you in Perth.

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