Backpacker guide to finding a job in Perth

Backpacker guide to finding a job in Perth

How to find a job in Perth (working holiday visa holders 417 perspectives)

A working holiday will not only serve up once in a lifetime travel experiences but also will offer you unique working opportunities. From mixing cocktails and rounding cattle to crewing on a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef, there are thousands of job openings to work on in Australia.

Go for a working holiday support program

Work program providers may be worth a visit and specialist job finding companies also can provide guaranteed opportunities for work during the duration of your stay. However be careful as often the guaranteed jobs are in call centers and the like.

They may provide you with airport pick up, set up housing, provide you with training, even help you set up a bank account, and tax file number.

You should be aware these things are easy to arrange by yourself

Meet potential employers

If you are comfortable to arrive in Australia and begin your job hunt, meeting your potential employer face to face can be a way to find work. You can hit the street and stop at restaurants and bars as they may need a server or a bartender. You can also visit hostels, restaurants, and shops as well.

Look for a job online

There are some powerful tools that you can use to secure a job on your working holiday, Several online sources showcase vacancies. You can also have a look into Backpacker Job Search which specifies jobs for backpackers. Going to specialist employment agencies is often the quickest way to find a backpacker job.

Enlist a recruitment agency

If you want someone to help you find a job, a recruitment agency may be ideal for you. A recruitment agency can help you search for jobs that relate to the set of skills that you have. You may be required to submit a CV and face an interview before the job is offered to you.

Work along the way

One of the best things about being on a working holiday is the freedom that comes with it. If you are adventurous and are keen on moving around in Australia, you may be able to find work on the way.

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