Migrating to Perth

Migrating to Perth

Migrating to Perth
There are many good reasons for Migrating to Perth, here are some.
Western Australia state is the largest in Australia, and offers a wonderful life style, it has a Mediterranean climate in the South and tropical climate in the North.
If you have skills that Western Australia needs then read on before Migrating to Perth.
Key industries are :
Mining mostly in the North of Western Australia
Health and government, Perth has many hospital and other health care services, there is always a need for people who have experience in social service and medicine.
Tourism mostly focused around Perth and the South West of WA
Key towns for Tourism in the South are
Margaret River
In the North there is Monkey Mia and Broome
In the East there is the legendary town of Kalgoorlie where gold mining began in the 19th century.
Western Australia is also famous worldwide for its agricultural industry, the wine from WA is a major export earner . There are many farms that produce wheat and dairy products. If you have farm experience there is definitely a place for you in  the Perth region.
There are many hotels, caravan parks, holiday homes and restaurants. There is always a demand for hospitality staff.
Around Perth there are areas such as Welshpool and Kwinana with many industrial business are located. Many of these provide support to the mining industry. There is always demand for qualified trades people, such as electricians, plumbers, fitters, fabricators and carpenters in Perth and its surrounding industrial suburbs.
Housing in and around Perth is very affordable, you can buy a four bedroom house in Rockingham for less than Australian dollars 400K.  Rental for three bedroom places begin at 300$ Au a week. In Perth city rental are a little more however you can rent a two bedroom apartment for as little as $300 or even less.
Perth also has some very good universities, so if you would like to take the migration pathway by first going to a University in Australia there are several in Western Australia including the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Edith Cowen University and John Curtin University  and Notra Dame in Fremantle there are also several international colleges where you can get qualification which may enable you to live and work in Australia. Make sure you talk to a registered migration with experience to ensure you choose the right subjects to enable you to Migrate to Perth.
If you are prepared to work in Perth regional areas then there is always a chance you will be able to get a visa to work in a remote area, ask Australian Migration Agents for your best options.
Make The Most of Your Time In Perth and Check out Perth to Broome Tours


For more information go to www.customs.gov.au


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