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Surfing in Western Australia

Perth To Broome Tours Visit Geraldton ‘Sun City’ WA

Known as ‘Sun City’ because of its regular eight hours of sun per day and year-round high temperatures, Geraldton has fabulous surrounding beaches and activities. The waters are pristine, conditions are so ideal for windsurfing that it’s regarded as one of the best spots in the world; lessons and equipment are available for hire. Visit the Visitor’s Centre

Geraldton Visitor Centre
246 Marine Terrace,
Geraldton WA 6530

  • P (08) 9956 6670
  • Int + 61 8 9956 6670

Perth To Broome Tours Visit Geraldton Abrolhos Islands

Gerro is a famous destination on Perth To Broome Tours and is also an ideal spot to do a scuba course because if you get your fins here you’ll avoid the rush in Exmouth. The awesome archipelago known as the Houtman Abrolhos Islands lie 60km off Geraldton. Their breathtaking beauty belies a horrible history, as these isles were the scene for the grisly Batavia massacre when 125 passengers and crew were brutally killed by a psychopath following a shipwreck in 1629.

Perth To Broome Tours Visit Geraldton A Divers Paradise

Now they are a diver’s paradise. Coral reefs surround the 122 islands and the warm waters have visibility levels of up to 30 meters, which is as close to perfect dive conditions as you are likely to find. There are hundreds of fish varieties and harmless reef sharks are also common. As news travels about snorkeling and diving conditions to rival, or even beat, the Great barrier Reef, the islands are becoming increasingly popular. The isles are also home to sea lions, dolphins and humpback whales in season. Abrolhos trips offered by local operators often include the chance to surf, windsurf, dive and fish.

Perth To Broome Tours Visit Geraldton Prince Leonard

In 1970, on farmland about the size of Hong Kong, the Casley family seceded from the Commonwealth, because of a dispute over tax, and formed an independent state, the Hutt River Province. Drop-in and Prince Leonard or Princess Shirley will share their unique story with you. They even have their own postage stamps and you can get your passport stamped. A visit to this ‘principality’ is included in several tours available from Geraldton or Perth.

Greenough River and Awesome Coastal Cliffs near Geraldton

From Geraldton, a number of trips run into the surrounding areas, like the picturesque Greenough River, 20-minutes south of the town, with its leaping fish and abundance of birds. Within comfortable driving distance north of the Geraldton you can find awesome coastal cliffs; watch the surf pounding into the rocky shore and see the hundreds of native birds which call the cliffs home. Great fishing is also available, although caution should be taken when seas are rough.

Visit Geraldton Museums and Cathedral

Visit museums and the amazing St Francis Xavier Cathedral, or just check out the nightlife. Even on a Sunday evening, both pubs in town often have live bands and are heaving. With a sizeable population of 35,000 Geraldton has all the conveniences of a city, but the cool atmosphere of a coastal country town.