Perth to Monkey Mia bus tours

Perth to Exmouth by Bus via Geraldton and Kalbarri National park

Tours from Perth to Monkey Mia.
The tour from Perth to Monkey Mia will take a minimum of four days or less. But these four days could be the most memorable journey of your life if you take a bus tour to Monkey Mia
Some highlights include:
• The sand dunes in Lanceolin.
• The fantastic rock formations in the Pinnacles desert. You should definitely walk through and observe.
• The scientist mind can be tickled with the oldest living organisms called the stromatolites.
• Get to know more about economic life by checking out the Australian farms.
Things to remember.
Always carry a water bottle because dehydration is so not fun. Hiking shoes are a must if you want to really walk around and explore. Also, remember to check off your prescription and some sunscreen and sunglasses.
Other things that pay off to keep in your bag.

  1. Small day bags.
  2. Warm jackets and hats.
  3. Swimsuit and towels.
  4. Torch or headlamps.
  5. An excellent camera.
    What makes this trip extraordinary? Wildlife.
    You don’t need a lot of luck to see wildlife on this trip. Starting off with the obvious; the native kangaroos in owest of Australia, up to giant pelicans and emus in the shark bay region. Also, make it a point not to miss the cutest bottle-nosed dolphins in Monkey Mia!
    The west coast is also home to various kinds of plant life as the Shark Bay world heritage area is famous for its diverse wilderness and beauty. Furthermore, it also had the privilege of receiving UNESCO status in 1991.
    Don’t worry about:
    • The food- Food is included in the tour package, and you will dine the most delicious food that Australians take pride in.
    • The stay- as mentioned before you will get to know more about the Australian farm life because an Australian Farm stay is included to the last night, and comfortable hostels are provided before that.
    • The comfort in the transport- You will not face any difficulties or discomfort as the buses will be clean and air-conditioned. The group in each bus are kept small, so your tour mates will be easy to remember, and you can get to know them and make friends to double the fun!
    • Takeaway messages- You will not only experience, but you will also understand and know about everything you see. Our informative guides will assist you in anything you need to know.

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