Things to Do in Perth in January

Things to do in Perth in December

Things to Do in Perth in January

Curtin Stadium Kite Festival

Are you ready to fly high? Then why not come visit and enjoy the Kite Festival on the 12th of January at the Curtin Stadium? Yes, you heard that right! It’s a kite festival for young and old. You can only buy your kite from the stall though, you cannot bring your kite from outside. But be sure to come ready for some fun filled action at the Curtin Stadium. Beware of looking up once, you may forget to look down. Such is the beauty of all the kites in action.

 Beaufort Monday Night Markets

It has now become a tradition in Perth to enjoy Mondays by sampling different kinds of food from around the world. There will be food trucks as well as stalls which will have vendors who cry out their fares to the tourists who can savour the different tastes of food offered. Enjoy these culinary delights every Monday, and you will also get wine, cider and beer as well. The best part is, that you can bring along your pet as long as it’s a well-behaved pet of course. Come join in the fun this Monday.

South Beach Sunset Markets

After end of the New Year celebrations, you will welcome the summer and its hot days. The popularity of the South Beach Sunset Markets can be observe d at this time of the year. There will be some very popular food markets, which will stay open till March 2019 from 5pm to 9pm at South Beach, Fremantle. Hence you will get to savour the dishes offered from various different countries around the world. Enjoy your time at the beach by bringing your own rug and enjoying the food at leisure, watching the waves.

Visit the Mustang Barfor live music ,DJ’s and more

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Mustang Bar