4 Australian capital cities that have a great life style and jobs for teachers and lecturers

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4 Australian capital cities that have a great life style and jobs for teachers and lecturers

With its beautiful landscapes, brilliant weather and laidback lifestyle, Australia seems to have it all. On top of the astounding natural environment are the countless employment opportunities and excellent education system, which is quickly making Australia one of the top destinations for migration from the UK.
You might get overwhelmed if you’re trying to figure out which city to choose to live and work as a teacher in Australia. So we have listed best cities to find teaching jobs for skilled migrants and have a better quality of living at the same time.

Travel to Western Australia 


  • Sydney in New South Wales is the great destination for teachers looking for work. It has an extensive University network, plus many high schools both private and religious and state owned. Sydney is expensive but not so much when compared to the major cities in the UK. It does however have a mild climate and this enables one to enjoy a beach culture so if you are sun starved head down to Australia. If the sea is not your thing Sydney is close to the Hunter Valley and the beautiful Blue Mountains, where it is possible to find cheaper quality accommodation and it is possible to commute from the Blue Mountains to Sydney.


  • Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, it is known as the art capital of Australia, it is a city for of things to do and enjoy, from horse racing to casinos to surfing and if you Ski then there are resort with snow in the Winter nearby. There are beautiful Wynyard’s and rivers to visit and a coastline that can only be described as amazing. Housing is affordable in good suburbs complete with a great urban life style.


  • Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia it is also the fastest growing city. The climate is warm and comfortable all year round, the city offers affordable housing in the suburbs as well as apartment /Units in the CBD. The beaches are spectacular, the state is known as the sun shine state and its main industries are mining , fishing agriculture and tourism


  • Perth has a population of 1.4 million and spreads nearly a 120 kilometers along the coast. Perth has 5 major Universities and a really high school and primary school sector. Farr from everywhere in the rest of Australia, Perth has everything you thought Australia was about from golden sands, bush hills covered in forests and deserts. The north of Western Australia is tropical and warn all year round the South West of Western Australia has a mild climate and cool wet winters.

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