How to Get a Backpacker Trade job in Melbourne

How to Get a Backpacker Trade job in Melbourne

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Do your Research

There is a high demand for plumbers, electricians, and metal fabricators. The more you investigate, the more likely it is that you will find what you are looking for. Walk-in interviews are available or you can use an employment agency.

Make Your Resume in Line With Your Experience

Connect your experience to the company’s benefits for the position you are applying for. That means your title, summary, skills; experience, etc. should be written and tailored to demonstrate to the hiring company that you are a good match for that specific position.

Have an Online Profile

Have an online profile with popular Job Search Engines.  You can apply for jobs with pre-filled application forms faster with an online profile, know that only reputable employers can view your details and set up alerts for job categories like Electricians, Plumbers & Carpenters to ensure you never miss a chance.

Below are some of the Trade jobs which have immediate vacancies in Melbourne 


It is dirty, wet work on call at all hours. Working with broken pipes, fixtures and blocked drains to installing plumbing in a new building is all in a day’s work for a licensed plumber. Plumbers often do emergency works. For this you can charge a premium for being on call day, night and on public holidays.


Playing with electricity is a dangerous job. Installing lights, kitchen appliances, rewiring buildings, installing power points and safety switches, there is no room for error. Getting an installation wrong can be a disaster. Risks include fire and electrocution. So, you want to be the best to earn top money. 

Metal Fabricators

They fit parts and materials together for welding. And must understand and work to blueprints for the end product. They need to know how to operate metal grinders, flame cutters, drill presses, and other machinery. Your work must be of a high standard and quality levels must be consistent. 


Tilers have the difficult job of tiling wall and floor spaces in wet areas. They need to seal them to ensure they are waterproof. Tilers can work inside and outlaying stone, glass or ceramic tiles following a design brief. Tilers work with different types of chemical products and must know what products to use in what situation.

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